Top seven countries to visit if you are a foodie

Discovering gastronomies around the world is always a good reason to travel. No one can deny the fact that they don’t enjoy a nice hearty meal. Since this world is packed with a lot of

Discovering gastronomies around the world is always a good reason to travel. No one can deny the fact that they don’t enjoy a nice hearty meal. Since this world is packed with a lot of restaurants, you can choose to have a delicious dish in any part of the globe. Many people’s aspiration is to eat the finest food.

Today, we are going to provide you with the top 7 destinations for the most elegant food. Let’s go!

1. Italy

When it comes to Italian food, it is difficult to pronounce the dish’s names and easier to enjoy. You might have noticed that Italian food consists of green, red and yellow shades as it is believed to produce a wonderful blend of flavour and taste. Most of the Italian dishes are derived from tomato, olive oil and bread. While preparing those dishes, the chefs are very meticulous as they focus more on the quality of the products rather than the preparation procedure. They choose each and every ingredient carefully. If you are a coffee lover, you should definitely try Italian Espresso and pizza. For all those who are health conscious, most Italian dishes are made using olive oil.


French cuisine comes with a rich historical background and is taught worldwide in many cooking schools. Contemporary and innovative, French dishes are completely different from other cuisines. French fries which is probably the most loved food on earth is served abundantly in France. They are also renowned for their wonderful and delicious pastries. If you are in France, make it a must to try their national dishes such as terrine and Bisque. Expect a lot of cheese as well because it is considered to be an invention of French people. Don’t forget to sip on your wine while enjoying a nice French dish!

3. Mexican

If you are looking for a blend of European food, head to Mexico. Mexican food is quite similar to Spanish. It includes a lot of beans, corns and chilli. Meat is also considered as another great ingredient found in most Mexican dishes. You will most likely find chicken, beef and pork in Mexican meals. Nowadays you can taste dairy in Mexican food which was quite unfamiliar earlier. Thanks to Spanish people, it is now introduced to the dishes. You will be able to taste a part of Africa and Asia in Mexican dishes as these countries have always influenced Mexican cuisine. Since Mexican believed that food bonds families, expect their food to be made with a lot of love. So order your tacos and chillies!


Every foodie around the world knows about Spanish food. Since Spain has been conquered at different timelines in the past, these countries have influenced the different types of dishes that you get to eat in Spain. If you are looking for a grand feast-like meal which includes various dishes, flavours and taste, Spain is the place to be. Spanish food is a replica of The Roman Empire’s style. Roman Empire has greatly influenced Mushrooms dishes which you find in Spain. In addition to that, since 90% of the world’s olive oil is manufactured in Spain, you can expect that the food that will be served will be cooked in olive oil. Go try a Tortilla Espanola now!


Indian food varies from state to state. It is all based upon the culture and taste of the residents. You will get to taste different kinds of food in different parts of India. You will get various vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Muslim in India only consumes Halal meals. Indian food is divided into 2 components and was greatly influenced by Europeans and Mughals. It is rich in flavour and different kind of homemade spices are used to make them. If you love spicy food, go ahead and try some chicken tikka masala or Kolhapuri dishes.

6. Thailand

Thai food is the main attraction for tourists Wanting to try their wide range of street food. With influences from Asian countries such as China, Malaysia and Indonesia, Thai food is considered to be a royal culinary adventure. The dishes are always full of herbs and spices. They usually combine spicy, sour, salty, sweet and crunchy in one single dish. The best part of Thailand is the hospitality.

7. Greece

Salads and hot dishes to soups and sweets, you can try any of your favourite ones in Greece. But if you want try something really traditional and cheap, it will definitely be souvlaki. It is the most iconic dish in Greece which can be found anywhere around the streets, in bars or restaurants. You will basically find souvlaki all around the country. If you have friends in Greece and they invite you to a house party, ask for moussaka. It is another famous dish which tastes better when it is homemade.

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