Places for Your Missionary Trips – Part 1

A missionary refers to a person from a religious group sent to a specific location to promote their faith and to carry out ministries of service like education, justice, health care, and economic development. Are

A missionary refers to a person from a religious group sent to a specific location to promote their faith and to carry out ministries of service like education, justice, health care, and economic development. Are you inspired to become a missionary? Do you want to go on missionary trips? If so, in this part one ongoing series, we will introduce you to some places you may wish to visit.

1. Haiti

Haiti is a small tropical island between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean and is known as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The country also consists of a high number of orphaned children. The 2010 earthquake may have caused a significant amount of damage to the country, however, a missionary trip will provide with an opportunity to experience the real Haiti.

You will reach people where they live and encourage them by giving them a voice of hope in times of struggle. You will serve communities by taking care of the sick. For instance, as per CNN, many Christian organizations are offering medical care to Haitians. You are also provided with the possibility of building friendships with the residents.

2. Ghana

Previously known as the Gold Coast, Ghana is regarded as one of the most politically and economically stable countries in West Africa. There are many ways you can help people who call Ghana their home. For instance, a local orphanage called the Christ Mission Orphanage and Charity Home where you could teach children subjects such as English, Maths and Science. You can also travel to the Cape Coast and distribute shoes and clothes to those in need in the fishing communities.

Furthermore, Ghana is known to be a country with warm and friendly people. You will undoubtedly have an unforgettable experience while meeting this culturally-unique and peace-loving nation.

3. Israel

Israel, a country on the Mediterranean Sea, is considered a Holy Land by the Christians, Jews and Muslims. For instance, for Christian, Israel symbolises the place where Jesus came on earth and built His church while the Muslims believe that their Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven at the Temple Mount of Jerusalem.

Did you know that one-fifth of Israelis suffer from food insecurity? Food insecurity refers to a condition where households lack a sufficient amount of food because of a lack of money and resources. Hunger is one of the main indicators of poverty in Israel. However, as a missionary, you could deliver food to these poor and starving people and support many families. Moreover, during your missionary trip to Israel, you will be able to meet new families, listen to new stories and discover hope in the ancient and sacred places in Israel.

4. Thailand

Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia whose name means “Land of the Free.” The country is known for its appealing nature, sandy beaches and tasty mangoes but also for its dark secrets. For instance, many young women have become victims of sexual manipulation and human trafficking. Some young girls are traded in exchange for money to alleviate poverty in the family.

Your mission will include travelling to Thailand to provide proper education to young women to save them from these horrors and build a better future for them. You could teach them necessary job skills that will help to change their lives. With passion and dedication, you can support and help lower-class families. For instance, some simple tasks can be performed in the families’ homes such as planting, painting, and cleaning rooms. Emotional support can also be provided to these poverty-stricken families.

Furthermore, Hat Yai, a city in Thailand consists of some schools that need people to teach English. This will provide you with a unique opportunity to reach out to children and spend some time teaching them.

You will indeed have a life-changing mission trip to Thailand!

So, do you have the heart to travel to these places, experience new cultures and help people out? Please share your comments and don’t forget to return back for part 2 of this ongoing series!

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