Typical Australian Food: 10 Best Delicacies You Must Savor!

What am I going to eat in Australia? If you’re considering taking a field trip to the land of kangaroos, you probably have many questions about typical Australian food (admit that you are a little curious, at

What am I going to eat in Australia? If you’re considering taking a field trip to the land of kangaroos, you probably have many questions about typical Australian food (admit that you are a little curious, at least). In general, the cuisine of Australia has influences from several countries (such as Asians, due to its close location), what’s more, don’t be surprised if you find a couple of Mexican food restaurants there. There is a strong British influence in the kitchen with everything and the gastronomic variety since the English colonized this huge island. But hey, that historical summary was enough; let’s get to what matters. Prepare your tastebuds, and let’s discover the best of typical Australian food!


#1. Meat Pies

If you want to go to the heart of classic Australian food, try the meat pies. They’re baked in all sizes, flavours and prices, and you can get them at any supermarket or bakery. 


#2. BBQ 

Travelling to Australia and not enjoying a good BBQ would be like going to Switzerland and ignoring chocolate. It’s a typical weekend scene for Australians (any resemblance to Mexico is mere coincidence): you get together with your family or friends, light the charcoal, and everyone enjoys a delicious roast lamb (there’s a difference here), sausages, fish or grilled shrimp.


#3. Barbecue Sauce

Although it may surprise you, Aussies are lovers of barbecue sauce. It can be prepared with different types of meat, but the most traditional is with ribs bathed in barbecue sauce. But what is special about this sauce? It’s a powerful combination of muscovado sugar, Worcestershire sauce, onion, vinegar, tomato sauce, and a little pepper. 


#4. Fish and Chips

If you’ve ever been to England, you know exactly what we’re talking about. And this is where the British influence is noticeable in typical Australian food. And this dish also triumphed in Australia.


#5. Vegemite

That’s a truly unique piece of Australian cuisine, and you will hardly find it anywhere else in the world. Vegemite is a salty and spicy paste made with the yeast used to make beer. It is considered one of the national foods of Australia and is widely used to eat with bread or toast. What does it taste like? It is challenging to describe this peculiar flavour, but it is close to the flavour of a beef broth, a little overdone with pepper. But to get to know it thoroughly, you must go and try it on your own? 


#6. Grilled Tuna Steak

If you’re a fish lover, especially a tuna, you will be a perfect fit in the Australian food scene. Grilled tuna steak is a typical Australian food, and fish is generally one of the most consumed foods by Aussies.


#7. Pavlova

This candy with a strange name is a true wonder. It is the perfect dessert that falls from the sky after a good meal, you see? They are generally fruit cakes, and the most traditional are strawberry or regional fruit and meringue.


#8. Roast Lamb

Another typical Australian food is lamb meat. Very famous and consumed there, both by Australians and tourists. It is almost always made with mint and vinegar seasoning. Common garnishes are potatoes or carrots.


#9. Balmain Bug

This species of lobster lives in shallow waters off the coasts of Australia and New Zealand. Although it is an iconic dish of New Zealand cuisine, you can find it in supermarkets or in most restaurants specializing in handling the delicacies of the sea.


#10. Tim Tam

That’s is a true icon of typical Australian food. You cannot leave the country without having tried this delicious sweet. Some claim that this sweet can turn into a real drug (in a good way, obviously). 


So, have we already convinced you to live this gastronomic adventure first-hand? To better enjoy the taste of Australia, the best thing to do is to go there and try it for real! For all your visas, get in touch with the professionals at All Immigration Services. Let us know what you think about those delicacies in the comments.


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