Top 6 Best Fast Food Places In Australia

Fast food is a staple wherever you find yourself in the world. I travel for work, and even though I love discovering new cultures and food, sometimes I crave a taste of home, and this

Fast food is a staple wherever you find yourself in the world. I travel for work, and even though I love discovering new cultures and food, sometimes I crave a taste of home, and this is when I go a fast food to fix this craving.

Food is the best way to discover a culture, and I stick by this whenever I travel. But fast food is also different in different countries. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn about Australia’s most famous fast food places.

1. Macca’s


Macca’s is the name that Australians give to McDonald’s restaurants. Yes, I know, it’s not very original to start with the number 1 chain in the world. However, McDonald’s is really top in Australia, already for the very low price and because there is a lot of choice and big burgers.

Macca is the name given by the Anglo-Saxon countries to the names beginning with Mac or Mc, hence Macca’s. I liked McDonald’s in Australia for its boxes. A box is a giant happy meal for 2 or 4 people. There were two of us traveling in the van, and the boxes were pretty economical for us while still having a very hearty meal- but hearty. Basically, take your usual order, order one more. That’s it, and you have an Australian box.

2. Pie Face

Literally “pie in your face”, Pie Face is a fast-food bakery-oriented breakfast or snack. You can find coffee, pies, doughnuts, small cakes, cookies, and brownies. I had lunch there once in Brisbane very soon after my arrival. The prices are reasonable, and the food is good. Of course, there are no croissants and pains au chocolat, but it’s very good in Australia. I saw Pie Face everywhere I went on the east coast. You can also find them in Japan and South East Asia.

3. Nando’s


I discovered Nando’s in Brisbane. It is a fast-food chain originating from South Africa. You can find them everywhere in North America, India, and Australia. Based on the Mozambican-Portuguese theme, the menus are mainly made with spicy chicken. But nothing like KFC. I loved the concept of Nando’s: a customizable menu with a lot of choices, a very relaxed staff, and really good burgers.

On the other hand, the prices are quite high for a fast-food restaurant. A legend even talks about a loyalty card reserved for celebrities allowing them to eat for free for life in any Nando’s around the world.

4. Hungry Jack’s

Hungry Jack’s in Australia is simply Burger King. Indeed, when Burger King wanted to establish itself in Australia, the brand was already registered. The brand was renamed Hungry Jack’s by its owner Jack Cowin. Only the name changes since the Whooper is still present. On the other hand, I prefer by far the Burger King that I saw in the United States. Hungry Jack’s is good but very fatty. There are more than 300 restaurants all over Australia.

5. Mad Mex


Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill is a Mexican-themed fast-food restaurant. On the menu: tasting tacos, burritos, nachos, and more. I discovered Mad Mex in Melbourne, but the chain is mainly located in Sydney. It is the kind of fast food that is not common at all, at least I had never seen it.

I’m a big fan of Mexican food, and at home in Nice, it’s pretty difficult to find something good. So I’m a big fan of Mad Mex. To order, the system is a bit similar to Subway. On the drink side, it’s also pretty cool with a Mexican soda specific to the chain: a flavored lemonade named Jaritos.

6. Oporto

No, it’s not a Portuguese fast-food chain. Oporto is Portuguese-themed but in Australia. Oporto is quite similar to Nando’s. The principle is the same: a customizable menu with a spicy sauce. Most of the dishes are composed of chicken, ginger, garlic, and lemon and this famous Piri-Piri sauce. You can choose to have it more or less spicy. There are over 100 Oporto restaurants in Australia and New Zealand. Most of them are located in New South Wales.

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