Russia and Its Rich Culture (Part Two)

Russian culture is a mixture of Eastern and Western traditions that deserves to be discovered. And that’s what we are going to do in today’s article. In the first part of our blog, we’ve focused

Russian culture is a mixture of Eastern and Western traditions that deserves to be discovered. And that’s what we are going to do in today’s article.

In the first part of our blog, we’ve focused on the Russian cultures and today we will uncover more about its traditions. Enjoy the reading!

Sit Down Before Leaving

Russia is a nation of many superstitions, and another is that before a trip you should sit quietly for a few minutes. If you have your suitcase packed, your travel clothes and the keys to your house in hand: this is not the time to walk through the door to your destination, but you must sit down!

In ancient times, this practice took place because rushing to leave on a trip is considered a bad omen. Today, it is very common and has very useful purposes that can be applied by travelers around the world. Why? Because sitting quietly is an opportunity to check if you really have everything you need, if you haven’t forgotten any identification documents and, finally, to organize the ideas in your mind.

Enjoy Your Bath!

Has anyone ever complimented you for taking a shower? Because in Russian culture, this is a very common thing! They usually say the following traditional phrase: Steaming in!”, which means enjoy your bath. It is believed that this phrase has been said since pre-Christian times and the time to say it is right after a shower or when you come out of a sauna. In short, you are congratulated for having successfully cleaned yourself.

If You Intend to Give Flowers…

Giving flowers is a very popular gesture in Russian culture. But, if you intend to do so, be aware that there are some unwritten social norms. For example, if you have a girlfriend from this country with strong traditional beliefs and you invite her to a romantic dinner, you must bring her flowers, otherwise she might feel neglected or unloved.

Another date to give roses is on birthdays. However, you should always give an odd number, such as five flowers. Rose bouquets in even numbers are reserved for the deceased. With tourists, Russians tend to be more understanding, but those with more traditional thinking may feel offended or uncomfortable.


It is a festival of Russian culture of a religious and folkloric nature that takes place during the last week that gives way to Great Lent. Maslenitsa prohibits the consumption of meat or any type of animal protein for forty days. Therefore, a large amount of dairy products and cheeses are usually consumed. This is why many foreigners know it as “butter week” or “blini week”.

Maslenitsa is an opportunity to interact with others and expand the social circle. If you are in the country on this date, you will notice that the citizens start to be more friendly. It is also thought to be a good opportunity for singles to find a partner. For those who practice Maslenitsa, the main thing is to share with friends and family, both new and old.


Pascha is the Orthodox Easter, it takes place two weeks after Easter in the West. It marks the end of the 40-day fast that began at the time of Maslenitsa. Orthodox Easter is very important and respected by the Orthodox, who gather as a family. Late on Easter Saturday, the bells ring the resurrection of Christ and a religious service begins that lasts until dawn.

Spring Festival in Moscow

The Moscow Spring Festival brings together thousands of people, tourists and foreigners, who take the opportunity to admire the landscape which is decorated everywhere with colorful flowers. Many years ago this festival was known as Komeditsa and was dedicated to the awakening of the bear, which also symbolizes a pagan god. In today’s Russia, this is a good opportunity to tour Russian cities, in addition to the fact that twenty markets are organized, which is ideal for buying a typical souvenir of the city.

You now know what are the most popular customs and traditions of Russian culture! Of course, some Russian cities have their own events that undoubtedly enrich the cultural value of this territory. This is the case, for example, with the Navy Day in St. Petersburg or the Taiga Festival in Vladivostok.

So are you planning to visit Russia anytime soon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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