Cities which are known for their delicious street food

Many cities around the world are famous more for their street food than a fine restaurant. Most street chefs are not looking to be famous or gain any kind of recognition for their work. Their

Many cities around the world are famous more for their street food than a fine restaurant. Most street chefs are not looking to be famous or gain any kind of recognition for their work. Their only pleasure is having a crowd around their stands the whole day.

If you are going to visit the below countries, do pay a visit to these cities as they are known to serve the best street food :

  • Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaiian food combines traditional culinary tastes with that permanent festive mood. Their food has been greatly influenced by migrants from the United States, Asia and Latin America. Try out their poke (poh-kay) which is an array of raw fish salads. You will find that their kimchi and ceviche are always stuffed with tuna and octopus. This city cultivates the culture of a food truck. You are going to find food everywhere.

  • Istanbul, Turkey

Freshly baked, crusted with sesame seeds and dipped in molasses, simit is most probably the most famous Turkish street food. It is a snack which is a cross between bagel and pretzel. Durum is a recommended dish to try in Istanbul. It is basically kebab which they turned into a wrap. If you feel hungry at night, you will easily find some Lahmacun which is Turkish pizza, a simple but very satisfying dish. Don’t forget to grab your Turkish ice-cream as well.

  • Paris, France

Who is in for some crepes stuffed with nutella? Having a meal in Paris is a really exciting experience. If you are visiting in winter, you will find some hot and crispy chestnuts across the streets. Crepes is the most famous dish in Paris. If you manage to visit Montparnasse, grab a crepe with ham and egg or even nutella and banana. It always manages to lift the mood.

  • Cairo, Egypt

I am sure that you have tasted falafel, shawarma and kofta atleast once in your life. These Egyptian dishes have been.. have been taken to an international level. Rest assured as there are more dishes which has not yet earned international recognition. Try Koshary which is a mix of rice, pasta, lentils and chickpeas. It is normally topped with a venegary-tomato sauce. This dish is categorized as flavorful, warm and filling. For dessert, go for hot tea.

  • Bali, Indonesia

Bali is known for its mix of spiritual retreat and surfing. It also has stunning geographical features and a relaxed culture. The best food in Bali is served on streetside restaurants. You should not miss the delicious Babi Guling. It is a Balinese suckling and tasty pig. You will be served an entire pig with other various dishes.

  • Mumbai, India

In India, you should definitely follow the crowd to enjoy the best dishes. Don’t miss the eateries along Mohammad Ali Road or you can enjoy some kebabs and partridges in the air-conditioned rooms of Janata. Enjoy some hearty biryanis, lassis and malpua pancakes while you are there. For delicious Vada Pav, head to Anand’s stall. They serve those yummy seasoned mashed potatoes with garlic chutney and chilli.

  • Miami, United States

Head to Miami if you want to enjoy some real Cuban food. There is nothing better than a humble Cubano sandwich. They are basically panini stuffed with swiss cheese, pickles, ham, roasted pork. Make sure to taste this delicacy at least once in your life.

  • Rome, Italy

Even though Italian food has travelled across the world and intertwined with other culture, the pizzas in Rome are still more delicious and heavenly. Try Bonci pizza Rustica at Pizzarium in the Vatican. It is freshly concocted from stone-ground flour and topped with fresh and well-seasoned ingredients. Visit his patisserie called Panificio Bonci as it is the perfect spot for expresso and freshly baked bread.

  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

One of the most stunning attraction in Rio de Janeiro is the beach life. Try some Empada pastries while you are walking by the beach. They are savoury bits of chicken or cheese. Since Brazil is blessed with a lot of exotic fruits, home-made popsicles is a must.

  • Sydney, Australia

Asia and the Middle East has generously influenced Australian street food. You will be amazed to find new flavors and new ways of eating across the streets of Sydney. Head to Sydney Fish Market for fresh seafood. You can witness how the chefs are preparing your dish at Peter’s seafood cafe. You can choose from octopus to fish and chips. If you want to try some banh me, noodles and babaganoush, you will be served around every corner of Sydney.

If you are a foodie, you should definitely visit those cities for their delicious street culinary adventures. You will be definitely satisfied with all the above mentioned dishes.

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