Foods you should try when visiting Paris

Whenever I travel around the world, I like to plan everything accordingly. A few years back, when I decided to visit Paris, I did an intense research on all the food that Parisians offer. I

Whenever I travel around the world, I like to plan everything accordingly. A few years back, when I decided to visit Paris, I did an intense research on all the food that Parisians offer.

I also made a list of all the delicious food which you can taste if you ever have the amazing opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Paris. When I sat down to make this list, I could not believe that Paris offers such ridiculously delicious food. And how do you decide which of them are best? Well by going there and trying them all!

Below is the list of the best food which I tasted during my trip :

1.Baguette, Pain au chocolat et aux raisins, and Pastries

Visiting Paris and not tasting its pastries is simply not acceptable. I was lucky to be settled in a hotel which was opposite a bakery. I made the most and bought a lot of superior bread and baked good on a daily basis. If you are visiting Paris, try their succulent baguette and pain aux chocolat. Paris is famous for its pastries. Find yourself a quality Boulanger and enjoy your baked goodies everyday. Have croissant for breakfast and puff pastries as desserts.

2. Caramels

Rich in buttery flavor, these little treats are going to change your views on sweets.There are no words to describe how good caramel sweets are. When I came back from that beautiful city, I presented all my friends with boxes full of caramels and watched as their expression changed when they first tasted those sweets. Their eyes lit up as they savored each and every bit of that french delicacy.

3. Macarons

Spelled macaroons in America, the ones that you find in France is said to have been invented by Laduree in the early 20th century. I have to admit that the Laduree ones are delicious. Macarons are basically a mering-like shell that sandwiches buttercream or jam filling. It’s a must try dish in Paris.

4 .Falafel

Who thought that Paris was home to an unbelievable falafel place? People there describe the falafel sandwiches as the best in the world. Since I had falafel sandwiches before, I can assure you that it was indeed the best. It consisted of eggplants, tahini sauce, pickled cucumbers, red cabbage and sauce piquante. It is the perfect option for lunch.

5. Bordier Butter

If you are wondering if you need to have butter in Paris, then, the answer is yes, you really need to taste this butter. Once you taste La Beurre Bordier, you will switch to it permanently. This butter is the smoothest and richest in flavor. It will literally blow your mind. Be prepared to eat baguette after baguette just to taste this butter.


Paris is heaven for chocolate lovers. There is never a dearth of great chocolate there. You can choose among truffles, chocolate carousel and dark chocolate. You will also find chocolates filled marshmallows which will literally melt in your mouth. Don’t shy away from trying new combinations of chocolates. It will be a sweet and fun experience.

7. Cheese

If you want to try the best cheese in the world, kindly proceed to Paris. You should definitely try cheese from Laurent Dubois in Paris. The moment you enter that shop, you will be greeted by a cheese consultant who will help you choose the perfect cheese. These people are experts in cheese and helped us get some cheese which would not rot as I managed to get some cheese back from there for all my friends.

8. Wine Bar

If you are visiting Paris, do not forget to go to a wine bar. French people are in love with their wine. You will often notice that you will be served with a glass of wine specially while you are having dinner. The best wine is served in Paris. Order your Cabernet Sauvignon!

9. Dessert

Paris is home to a variety of delicious desserts. You can choose from yummy gelato to dessert soup. Don’t miss on the wonderful crepes which you can fill with whatever you want like nutella or jam. You should also try the famous crème brulee,they serve the best ones. While you are there, try to see if you can get a souffle.

10. A Royal Dinner Experience

Having a splurge dinner by the Eiffel tower is an experience that you will remember for a lifetime. You will be bestowed with the best cuisine and wine in Paris. As it is a city whereby master chefs have their restaurants, a great culinary adventure is promised.

If you are visiting Paris, it is really important that you make the most of the food which they offer. Eat well and enjoy yourself. Add flavor to your travel diaries.

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