Foods that You Should Try in Sydney

Are you planning to visit Sydney soon? During your time there, you will definitely want to eat as much of the city’s tasty food. Well, no one can blame you for that. Australia might have

Are you planning to visit Sydney soon? During your time there, you will definitely want to eat as much of the city’s tasty food. Well, no one can blame you for that. Australia might have its famous classic dishes, but Sydney has its own particular and unique food culture. They are mostly dishes which have become firm favorites on the local food scene and tasty food which you have to feast on else you are going to miss the best part of your Sydney tour.

Get comfortable and read on to find out all the delectable dishes you can’t miss trying at least once while you are in town. From restaurants to laid back cafes, Sydney has got you and your tastebuds covered!

Locally caught seafood

If you are looking to taste some fresh Sydney Rock Oysters or a choose your own crab and have it cooked according to your tastebuds, you should definitely head to Sydney Fish Market. It is known as the world’s largest seafood market outside Japan. It is always best to visit the market early in the morning as you can roam around the wholesale market and just choose all the fresh produce before the crowd arrives. You will not find better quality elsewhere in the city. This working seafood market is surrounded by delis, restaurants, sushi joints and wine shop.

The planet’s best gelato

Who would have thought that Sydney was home to the world’s best gelato? On any day, you can head to Cow and the Moon to enjoy the best gelato in the world. Despite their great success, this family joint has remained true to form and keep on creating delicious flavors like poached strawberries and balsamic, Turkish delight and red bean paste. You will need to go there again and again to try all the flavors but they are totally worth it!

Sydney’s favorite chicken parmigiana

Even though the name might sound Italian, this dish is properly Australian. A chicken parmigiana is a local take on the eggplant version of chicken schnitty, It is generously smothered with Napolitana tomato sauce and even generously topped with melted cheese. Grab your mates and get ready to taste one of the best dishes in Sydney. This classic dish is a must try in pubs especially during the famous Parma night where you can feast on crispy, cheese covered chooks and sip on a cold beer.

Vietnamese Banh mi

Unless you are in Hanoi, you will find great trouble into finding much better Vietnamese food than in Sydney. Along with steaming bowls of pho and banh xeo pancakes, Sydney serves one of the best Vietnamese specialty which makes people queue up to get one bite. It is recommended to be patient in the queue as the dish is totally worth it. Marrickville Pork roll makes the best banh mi. You will always find queues of customers there.

You will be served a baguette with succulent strips of pork along with chili, mayo, pickled carrot and daikon which is then doused in some kind of magical sauce and a sprig of fresh coriander thrown on the top.

The best breakfast cronut

Starting your day with a donut is one of the best moments in life or perhaps popping into your local bakery for a warm buttery croissant. But what if you could have both at the same time? Well in Sydney you can and it is amazing. Invested in New York, the cronut combines the feathery pastry of a croissant and the soft side on the inside and the crunchy side of a donut outside. Sounds heavenly, isn’t it?

A hangover-busting meat pie

Well, you cannot say that you went to Australia and you did not have at least one pie. After one pie, you will ask for more! If you are experiencing a hangover, it is wise to head to Harry’s Cafe de Wheels, who has been serving guilty pleasures in the disguise of hangover cure since 1938. If you are going there, you should try their house special which is a flaky, buttery pastry which is a perfect vessel for rich beef stew filling, topped with mash which is then topped with mushy peas and soaked in gravy.

Unique Snack

Fusion food lovers here is something that might interest you! I am sure that you heard about rice burgers, but is anyone in for ramen burgers? You should definitely head to One Tea Lounge & Grill to try their unconventional burgers.

Their signature fusion consists of 3 palm-sized burgers wedged around a juicy wagyu beef patty and spicy sauce. The unique thing is that instead of bread, they use crispy ramen, crunchy rice, and matcha baos.

It is also recommended to try their ice cream boagers. Fried baos with miso caramel. Yummy!

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