Tips for Getting Travel Photos With No People in Them

For every travel lovers, I know that it can be hard to get travel photos with absolutely no other people in them. Getting photobombed while visiting popular landmarks is always a must, it seems next

For every travel lovers, I know that it can be hard to get travel photos with absolutely no other people in them. Getting photobombed while visiting popular landmarks is always a must, it seems next to impossible to get a solo picture. But if you try to think outside the box, you can try to get there when most of the people don’t think to or don’t want to go there as it is too complicated, obviously, you are going to be the only person there.

If you are overly ambitious and wants to get the perfect pictures, the right thing to do figure out all the possible ways to make it happen. You need to consider every possible factor which will get you these extraordinary travel photos with no people in them which make your followers wonder if you have actually photoshopped it or not.

There is no secret to getting empty photos but however, there are some tricks which you can try.

1. Go Early

As we say, you have to lose something in order to gain something better. This choice is, however, going to be difficult for those who are not morning persons. However, if you want your mesmerizing pictures, you would have to sacrifice your sleep and go to all the popular places either before or as they opened. If there is opening time, it would be wise to look for it on the internet and plan to get there beforehand in case there are other people who got the same idea as you. It might help you to put your alarms and label them as “ Wake up or no cool travel photos!” or “Call the taxi now!”

2. Avoid weekends and holidays

While booking your trip, do not forget to look for holidays and upcoming events as this is the time that there will be a lot more people in the places that you are planning to visit. There are fewer people around the places when it is a weekday. It is like you get the whole place for yourself. If you can travel during the week or extend your trip till the beginning of the week, do it, as that’s when everyone will be heading back home.

3. Don’t go during High- Season

The weather is one of the good reasons people choose to travel during high-season. Since you need good weather to have cool pictures, you can still get your perfect shot if you plan things correctly, have some patience and tolerability. As a bonus, there will be no people in them.

4. Don’t aim only token travel photos

We all know that what makes travel photos really appealing are the landmarks which are easily recognizable. Many people will think that it is really easy to get that shot a million of people have it on their account. Nevertheless, you can prove them wrong by trying to take the picture through another angle and using different lighting as well.

5. Be patient

One of the best attributes of a good photographer is being patient. The hack is to be stubborn enough to let every person leave in order to take the perfect picture. If you really want those people-free pictures, practice patience and you will be rewarded with perfect shots.

6. Make use of a fast action camera for travel photos

Having a DSLR camera is great as you get some really nice shots, but let’s admit that it takes a lot of time to set up and especially to get the perfect angle. It takes a lot of focus. You can use a go pro camera as all you need to do is to turn it on and shoot the photo before the cluster of slow walking people starts appearing in your photos. You can as well use your iPhone which also produces good quality pictures.

7. Use angles to your advantage with the help of a selfie stick

Even though some might not agree with this, selfie sticks do work wonders especially when you are trying to get people-free travel photos. You just need to use your angles in your advantage which means instead of using selfie sticks to get your face into the pictures, try to raise or lower your camera to adjust the angle and crop all the people out of your picture. It doesn’t matter if you are not in the frame, the motive is to take good travel photos.

8. You can ask people to move politely

Even if it might seem to be a little obnoxious, if there are some people who are coming in your frame, you can politely ask them to ask if they would mind stepping over a little bit for one little while.

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