10 Cities Where Vegan Food Is the Best

Vegan and vegetarian diets are on the rise, and some of them are so tasty that we cannot stop eating them. It is true that the usual way of eating has quite a problem as

Vegan and vegetarian diets are on the rise, and some of them are so tasty that we cannot stop eating them. It is true that the usual way of eating has quite a problem as there seems to be a more harmful impact on the environment. It is not necessary that you go totally meatless in order to enjoy a delicious, plant-based meal. Well, if you are a hardcore vegan or vegetarian, and you find it difficult to travel because of the limited food option available for you. Then here are ten cities where you can relish on that deliciousness in its pure form.

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand – This Northern Thailand city, Chiang Mai has quite a few purely vegan restaurants as well as vegetarian spots that serve vegan options. The foods at these eateries are delicious and delectable, including the famous Pad Thai noodles and rice dishes with lots of fake meats and fish. You can devour an appetizing vegan meal in the mountainous and stunning city. It is sure a haven for plant-based travelers.

2. London, UK – According to the vegan app, Happy Cow, London is the first city to have more than 100 pure vegan restaurants. It is the city to visit for vegans. You can expect dishes varying from Mexican to French to Korean. It is sure that you, as a vegan, will never sleep hungry. From vegan-friendly stalls to fine dining restaurants, London is the perfect city to have a vegan gourmet dish. There is also the sweet corner that is a paradise for anyone who has a sweet tooth and is vegan. Oh, by the way, even Pizza Hut is vegan there!

3. Berlin, Germany – Though the vegan scene is growing and thriving in Berlin; it is one of the most visited international vegan destinations. With about 7.8 million vegetarians in Germany, it is not surprising that the veggie industry is expanding and growing. There are quite a few vegans spots that serve delicious food that is truly amazing to the palate. Berlin is also home to the world’s largest vegan supermarket chain, thus making it the perfect destination.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands – In 2017, Amsterdam was named the most vegetarian city in Europe based on the number of veggies eateries that have opened over the years. A notable place in Amsterdam is Mr. and Ms. Watson, which is famous for its vegan cheeses. Amsterdam is a must-visit city for you will get the best vegan and vegetarian food that will leave you wanting for more.

5. Milan, Italy – It is said that vegans are slowly taking up the world by opening and introducing everyone to their method of living and eating. Milan, where you could previously eat risotto and chop, has now led the place to the vegetarian restaurants. You are welcome with avocado toasts, quinoa, chia seeds, and other forms of vegan foods. If you are someone who is vegan and likes to travel to Italy, then Milan is the city to visit. They have a few newly opened restaurants that serve 100% meatless dishes.

6. Prague, Czechia – As one of the most progressive cities in Europe, Prague is slowly becoming the vegan and vegetarian hub for all non-meat eaters. There are eco-festivals, green food, ethical shops, vegetarian cafes that will surely make any traveler feel comfortable in this beautiful city. There are over 100 vegetarian restaurants, bistros, and cafes, which is specifically known for its main cuisine. Vegan food is comparatively affordable in Prague than anywhere else. You don’t have to worry about getting expensive food that does not taste good. Moment is one of the most famous vegan restaurants in Prague; it is known for its scrambled tofu, bagels, shawarma, and quesadillas. If you are a fan of raw vegan gourmet cuisine, the bistRAWveg is the place to go.

7. Tel Aviv, Israel – With a high percentage of the population being vegan, Tel Aviv is a city where you are sure never to feel hungry. There are approximately 31 fully vegan restaurants in Tel Aviv that serve a combination of Israeli/Middle Eastern/ Mediterranean cuisine with some western influence. One of the first vegan in Tel Aviv that has excellent main dishes and raw desserts is Anastasia. If you are in for a quick bite, then Goodness is the restaurant to go to, they provide veggie fast food like vegan kebab, schnitzel, and burger.

8. Warsaw, Poland – With around 47 vegan restaurants in this amazingly beautiful city, Warsaw can be added to your list. Each restaurant is quite near to each other, so it will be easy for you to choose from any of them. Do hop at Warsaw’s famous vegan burger joint, Krowarzywa; they serve the best burger in Warsaw. Surprisingly, they have been voted twice the “Best Burger in Warsaw” leaving behind the meat burgers.

9. Da Nang, Vietnam – This coastal city is, famous between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, totally vegan-friendly as it has more than two dozen vegan restaurants. Though there is a lack of vegan guides to this city, there are some vegan travelers that leave this city fully satisfied. It can be added to your list of city if you have one!

10. Portland, US – The vegan and plant-based eating has become an integral part of Portland’s social fabric. Dotted with a wide variety of fabulous vegan eats, you can find different types of artisan vegan cheese produced by Vtopia Cheese Shop and Deli. It is sure a must-visit town, especially if you are a vegan who is in search of good food.

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