The Ideal Jobs for Those Who Wish to Travel Around the World

If you enjoy traveling, odds are you’d rather spend your hard-earned money on vacation than on material things. You’d also probably want to spend your time exploring the world instead of working 9-to-5 in the

If you enjoy traveling, odds are you’d rather spend your hard-earned money on vacation than on material things. You’d also probably want to spend your time exploring the world instead of working 9-to-5 in the office week after week. But you do not have to be so frugal with your time and money; you can earn a salary and travel with these jobs.

  1. Archaeologists travel to many countries to recover and preserve artifacts from past human cultures. A career in archaeology will allow you to take extended trips for digs and research projects, often in remote regions of the Earth.
  2. Colleges and professional sports organizations employ athletic recruiters — they travel to schools and sporting events across the country to scout up-and-coming talent.
  3. Auditors make their living examining the financial records and tax information of businesses around the country.
  4. Construction managers not only earn well but also do lots of traveling. Often, they will relocate to different locations and stay for several months to oversee a project.
  5. Consultants from a variety of fields are hired by companies to solve specific problems. Since consultants are knowledgeable and specialized, a consultant’s client base is often spread all over the country, or even around the world.
  6. Every wedding needs someone to capture the newlyweds’ big day. For couples who choose to host a destination wedding, the photographer they hire must be willing to travel to their location of choice.
  7. Scuba instructors get to explore parts of our planet that the majority of us never would. Indeed, there are vast territories under the ocean’s surface. You can travel and teach the essentials of diving
  8. ESL (English as a second language) teachers are always in high demand both at home and abroad, especially in Asia. When you are hired as an ESL teacher in a foreign country, you’ll get to help students understand your native language while immersing yourself in that country’s culture.
  9. There are event coordinators who work on local events like parties and weddings, but get to travel when orchestrating large-scale events like festivals and trade shows could be a golden opportunity for travel lovers.
  10. Field service engineers are primarily traveling customer service representatives. When a customer needs help with the installation or repair of a product, field service engineers are dispatched to help. If the company has clients worldwide, this career can require extensive travel to exciting places.
  11. Flight attendant-It is one of the most travel-related job and also one of the most accessible. This job doesn’t require a degree, and most major airlines only seek customer service experience and a certification from the Federal Aviation Administration. Pilots are highly qualified and highly paid exclusive jobs. An air hostess might not be that exclusive, but both offer ample chance to travel to a foreign land.
  12. Geoscientists study our planet and its evolution, allowing them to explore different types of terrain and bodies of water. In this industry, you’ll make discoveries from the Earth’s magnetic fields to aspects of its physical structure, and how it all ties together. Though you’ll need a science background and a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, it is well worth the adventures in store.
  13. International tour guide-Imagine spending your days guiding fellow travelers through a bustling European metropolis — or perhaps a small cobbled village is more your style. Wherever you want to go, notable travel destinations always need friendly, savvy guides to lead tourists through city sights and cultural excursions.
  14. Sales representative-Territory-based sales representatives travel within a specific geographic region to sell their company’s products to local businesses, government agencies, and other organizations. Since most sales jobs are commission-based, the amount you can earn is based mainly on how much product you’re able to sell, so if you’re highly persuasive and charismatic, this might be the job for you. Depending on the product you are selling, you may need only a high school diploma to become a sales representative.
  15. You can opt for a job in a government-related position. If you enjoy traveling but still desire a university degree behind you when you meander around the world, consider studying a degree in International Relations and seeking work in a government-related position in foreign affairs and trade. You might not have a say in where you would be posted, but even that could be another adventure altogether!
  16. Consider freelancing where you could do anything you want. If you are a freelancer, you can produce quality content in any field on the go and no boss to monitor you around. Sell your content to finance your next trip!
  17. As a full-time travel blogger, you can write travel blogs as a profession in magazines and travel websites that will pay you to do so. In fact, they will pay you to travel and explore more.

Last but not least, it is an excellent advantage for your career if you master one or more foreign languages, which will bolster your skills.

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