11 Secrets Your Flight Attendants Aren’t Telling You

From dealing with ridiculous passenger complaints to having to resolve all kinds of issues, your flight attendant has quite a bit of knowledge that they’re usually more than willing to share. There may be some

From dealing with ridiculous passenger complaints to having to resolve all kinds of issues, your flight attendant has quite a bit of knowledge that they’re usually more than willing to share. There may be some information, however, that they’re less likely to volunteer, but is useful all the same. Learn how to better navigate the nerve-wracking and often exhausting experience that is air travel with these things your flight attendant won’t tell you.

Avoid using the call button as much as possible – If you don’t want your flight attendant to hate you, you should avoid using the call button unless you’ve had an accident at your seat, such as a spill, or if you have a genuine emergency. If you need something like water or a pillow, try to wait until a flight attendant passes by.

It’s illegal to bring your own alcohol on board – It’s much easier to get drunk at a higher altitude, so it’s essential that the flight crew be aware of how much you’ve had to drink, as well as have some degree of control over it. Serving drinks is only a small part of the job, but it’s an important one, as flight attendants would have no way to regulate how much you consume if you were to drink from your own bottle. Following on from this, in order to enforce drink limitations without a fuss, some flight attendants have been known to serve a lighter pour when more is requested. They may also secretly give you decaf instead of regular coffee if you annoy them too much, as a sleeping passenger is less annoying.

Your headphones are used – Blankets, pillows, and headphones are all repackaged for more passengers to use, without being thoroughly cleaned. If you’re a germaphobe, or simply get easily grossed out, remember to pack your own pair in your carryon.

Lights and windows are for your safety, not comfort – During takeoffs and landings at night, lights are dimmed in order to help passengers’ eyes adjust to the dark in case they need to evacuate the plane. Your flight attendant may also request that you lift up your window shade for the same reason; if there’s an emergency, you’ll be able to see what’s going on in order to get yourself to safety. Open window shades also help rescuers see inside the plane in order to better assess the situation.

A shorter skirt indicates a more senior flight attendant – Flight attendant appearance is quite strictly regulated by airlines, down to the lengths of their skirts. After a flight attendant is done with their probationary period, however, the dress code gets relaxed a little and hemming in the skirt a bit is allowed. So, if your flight attendant is wearing a longer skirt, try to cut her some slack.

Bring a pen with you if you’re traveling overseas – You will most likely have to fill out a customs form upon landing, and scrambling for a pen might hold you up. The flight crew may have a couple of pens, but it’s better to be old school and carry your own.

Your tray tables are disgusting – With so many flight delays, maintenance checks, and other interruptions and disruptions, sanitation can often fall by the wayside and your airplane may not be as clean as you’d hope. Unfortunately, flight attendants often don’t have the time to disinfect these bacteria-ridden trays, so you may want to bring your own sanity wipes to get the job done yourself. While we’re on the subject of sanitation, try to avoid the water and hot beverages – it all comes from the same tank as the toilet water.

You can bring more onto the plane than you realize – Most airlines only allow one carry-on suitcase and one personal item, such as a purse, backpack, briefcase, or laptop bag, for each passenger. What you may not realize, however, is that there are many items that don’t fall into the “personal item” category and therefore are totally exempt — such as a jacket with impressive pocket space.

You’re considered heavier during the holiday season – The flight crew must keep track of the weight and balance on a flight as a safety measure, and in the wintertime, each passenger is presumed to be 20 to 30 pounds heavier than in the summer. This is generally due to heavy winter coats being taken into consideration, as well as heavier luggage full of presents and leftovers being taken home.

They can get into locked bathrooms if needed – Whether you’re in trouble because you’re doing something you’re not supposed to do or incapacitated and in need of aid, flight attendants have the ability to unlock an airplane bathroom from the outside in seconds if need be. There’s apparently a latch underneath the “occupied” sign that allows them to do so. Keep that in mind if you’re thinking of joining the Mile-High Club.

You can ask for extra snacks – If there’s enough left after everyone else has been served, there’s actually no limit to how many snacks you can enjoy onboard. It’s advised that you ask nicely, with a please and thank you, as flight attendants do have full discretion over airplane food.

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