Reasons to Choose a Motel for Your One Day Stay/Trip

Traveling for business is not always fun and exciting, it sometimes requires a lot of moving and staying in different places. For businessmen, choosing a place to spend the night is sometime tricky as most

Traveling for business is not always fun and exciting, it sometimes requires a lot of moving and staying in different places. For businessmen, choosing a place to spend the night is sometime tricky as most hotels cost a lot. This is why, most people choose motels as they are practical when it comes to staying for a short period of time. Yes, you read right motels! Motels are somehow regarded as creepy and eerily sinister, but they are not in reality. There are different types of motels that can accommodate several people at once. It is given that motels are mostly for truck drivers or motorists who stay for only one night. That is why it is ideal for a one-night stay. A “motel” is short for a “motorists hotel.” What are the differences from a hotel vs motel? While hotels are designed for people who are on vacation, motels are created for people who are merely passing through the area.

If you are still not convinced, here are some more reasons why you should choose a motel for your one day stay.

The price

Many hotels are overpriced just because they can be. Period. If you are not looking to relax where you are staying but rather to drop off your luggage and explore the city, the price is a very good argument. If all you really need is a clean bed and bathroom then you will not be disappointed. If you are not high maintenance and feel comfortable with less as long as it is clean, then the price factor is an important one.

Times have changed

Now that tourists’ useless hotels and more other means of accommodation such as Airbnb, hostels, couch surfing and so on, motels also are acquiring a new clientele, and families are one of them! Motel owners also understand that and want to offer their customers a better experience and widen their clientele. They understand that in order for motels to survive, they have to change the perception of motels, one motel at a time.

More accessible

If you are passing through Montreal for a quick stop or for a few days and are looking to avoid traffic and all the potholes, motels are often located in better areas that are more accessible from the highway and might represent an important advantage when you are looking to get more rest. Especially during winter, you probably don’t want to have to stop by the mechanics to fix your tire because of the numerous potholes you have been trying to avoid in the city, especially if it is your first time.

No extra fees

If you want to avoid bad surprises or extra fees that you did not plan on spending, motels give you what you paid for and not more, but at least you are not surprised or disappointed. You don’t really need that fancy eater bottle or those peanuts wrapped in small plastic bags, think of all the delicious food waiting for your in the Plateau, China Town, Mile End or NDG, the city is yours to explore!

More options

When purchasing a motel room, you now have more options than you used to in the past. As the competition is growing and prices go down, the market also needs to meet customers’ needs at better raters. Motels like the Chalet Beaconsfield offer different types of the motel for different clients, from the businessman passing through the city, to the family with small kids who really need more space and that kitchenette.

Closer to nature

Often motels are located a little outside the city or the downtown area and are close to park or woods and for those who enjoy exploring them, this can also be a good argument for choosing motels over hotels. The staff probably also has good recommendations on less touristic places to see that might be worth the detour on your way to downtown Montreal. Mont-Royal is a place that you should definitely have on your to-do list.

Free parking

When you opt for hotels, you also choose without wanting it more traffic and parking problems. Since motels are located for the most part outside of the downtown area, parking is often free! If you are on a tight budget extra parking fees might make the scale tip in favor of the motel. Think about it, you could use that money spent on unnecessary parking fees for something else such as poutine, a visit to a cathedral, the science center, a museum with the family or good restaurant downtown.

What are your priorities

When looking to choose between a hotel or a motel, it is important to ask yourself and those you are going on the trip with; what are your priorities. Perhaps if you are in your 30s and 40s and traveling alone, you are over the hostels days where you would be sleeping on bunk beds with 7 other strangers in the same room. The same applies to hotels and motels. If the hotel is actually the destination meaning you are looking to relax, eat well, receive a good service that you are paying quite a lot of money for, then choose the hotel option. However, if you are looking for a place where to leave your stuff, take care of the kids and maybe make more noise than would be acceptable by some other clients from hotels and are on a budget, then go for the motel option.

Fort York Motel is a family-owned and operated business that offers accommodation to haul truckers, vacationers, and business travelers throughout Mississauga and surrounding areas. If you decide to come for a visit to Mississauga, ON, and you should, especially when temperatures are mild, then do consider motels as accommodation. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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