The Camper’s Ultimate Backpacking Checklist

Camping is the pleasure of finding simple things and going on an adventure without necessarily going far from home. But it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you have poorly prepared your camping equipment

Camping is the pleasure of finding simple things and going on an adventure without necessarily going far from home. But it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you have poorly prepared your camping equipment and some indispensable items are missing. Prepare your luggage, bag and camping essentials to put in your backpack or your trunk, it is the insurance to leave quietly and avoid any disappointment or regret on the way or once on the camping spot. Even if you wish to travel light, a minimum of tools, accessories and utensils are essential to camp with peace of mind. Here is our camping equipment checklist to check off before you leave. It will allow you to have everything you need at hand, and probably help out other campers with less foresight! It’s up to you to sort through the complete list below. Here we go!

10 essential things to go camping

– Tent with mallet and sardines

– Waterproof floor mats

– Sleeping bag

– Flashlight and spare batteries

– Lightweight towel

– Soap

– Toilet paper

– Swiss knife (with a screwdriver, saw and scissors)

– First aid kit

– Garbage bags

Camping equipment for the tent

– Tent with mallet and sardines

– Spare canvas for tent

– Mosquito net

– Scraper for digging a gutter around the tent in case of rain

– Waterproofing spray

– Tent repair kit

– Hanging lamp

– Electric torch or headlamp

– Windscreen

– Padlock

Camping equipment for cooking and eating

Cooking equipment

– Gas stove

– Gas cartridge for stove

– Barbecue, charcoal

– Stackable cookware set

– Kettle

– Hermetic food tins

– Sharpening stone

– Blue cooler and ice packs

– Aluminum foil

– Can opener

– Corkscrew

– Lighter or matches

– Thermos

– Coffee maker for stove

– Cutting board

– Pair of scissors

– Kitchen knife

– Bottle opener

– Stove

– Jerrican or water bag

– Aluminum foil

– Thrifty knife

– Strainer

Basic foodstuffs

– Salt / Pepper / Herbs / Spices

– Olive oil

– Vinegar

– Tea and coffee

– Sucre

– Cocoa powder

– Milk

– Pasta and rice

– Canned food

– Mustard

– Dry cookies

– Rusks / crackers

– Water

Utensils and accessories for eating

– Metal cups

– Reusable plastic cups

– Reusable metal or plastic cutlery

– Reusable metal or plastic dishes

– Isothermal flask

– Folding table

– Folding chairs

– Picnic blanket

Camping equipment for sleeping

– Floor mats

– Inflatable mattress

– Inflator or pump

– Mattress repair kit (patch, rasp and glue)

– Pillow

– Sheet or meat bag

– Cover

– Sleeping bag

– Alarm clock

Camping equipment for hygiene

To take care of yourself

– Biodegradable soap or shower gel

– Shampoo

– Toothbrush

– Toothpaste

– Solar shower

– Folding brush or comb

– Nail clippers

– Bath towels

– Cotton bud

– Deodorant

– Razor

– Tampons / sanitary napkins

– Handkerchiefs

– Contact lenses + product

For the laundry

– Clothesline and clothes pegs

– Bassin

– Washing powder or washing powder in small bundles

– Canvas bag for dirty laundry

For the dishes

– Bassin

– Sponge, scraper, dishwashing liquid

– Tea towels

For general maintenance

– Broom and shovel

– Paper towels

– Toilet paper

– Garbage bags

– Sponges or wipes

Camping equipment for pharmacy and health

– Current medical treatment with renewal prescription

– Earplugs

– Contraceptives

– Water purification tablets

– Spray

– Anti blister bandages

– Sun cream

– Lemongrass or mosquito repellent lotion

– Aspire-venin

– Survival blanket

– Arnica

– Disinfectant

– Cream for burns and sunburns (Biafine type)

– Anti-inflammatory cream

– Bandages

– Tweezers

– Scissors

– Sterile strips

– Analgesic pain reliever

– Motion sickness medication

– Tweezers

– Tulle gras

Camping equipment for children

– Paper, felt-tip pens and colored pencils

– Vacation Booklet

– Mini game console / portable DVD player

– Diapers, wipes, bottles, powdered milk

– Sun cream index 50

– Sunglasses

– Cuddly toys

– Toys

– Foldable Stroller

– Pacifier

– Baby bathtub

– Bibs

– Bike / Scooter

– Inflatable buoy / armbands

Camping equipment for relaxation

– Portable radio / MP3 player with batteries / charger

– Laptop / tablet with charger

– Books / magazines

– Card or board games

– Camera and film/memory cards, feeder

– Abroad: adapter for power outlet

– Beach Snowshoes

– Petanque balls

– Fishing equipment and fishing licenses

– Bicycle, helmet and pump

– Kite

– Bucket and shovel

– Mask and snorkel

– Inflatable boat

– Parasol

– Guides / road map

Hiking poles / compass

Camping equipment for small crafts


– Hooks

– Elastic bands

– Sewing kit (threads, needles, safety pins)

– All-purpose string or cord

– Basic toolbox (screwdriver, pliers, hammer, wrenches)

If you are looking for an outdoor equipment store, VAST OUTDOORS has an extensive range of the world’s best brands for you to choose from. Wish you a happy camping experience and remember to share your experience in the section below.

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