Top 5 Reasons to Visit Oaxaca

Oaxaca city is the best destination to get to know the Mexican soul in depth. We tell you why and offer tips for you to travel like an expert. Here are five top reasons for

Oaxaca city is the best destination to get to know the Mexican soul in depth. We tell you why and offer tips for you to travel like an expert. Here are five top reasons for Oaxaca to become your new favorite city. Organize your trip today; we assure you’ll have the vacations of your life.


#1. The Food, of Course!

In Oaxaca, tourism is equal to pleasure: the heat is neither so humid nor too dry, the vegetation of the Ethnobotanical Garden or the streets of the Reforma neighborhood, the solemn vernacular architecture… And, of course, the real mezcal, the most delicious chocolate. Oaxaca tastes like jerky, quesillo, grasshoppers, and moles.


A stone broth, chileatole, and tamale. Snows and a thousand other delights. You have to arrive hungrily and want to try everything! We recommend that you have breakfast at the Fonda Florecita del Mercado de la Merced (or any other market, all of them excellent), eat at Casa Oaxaca, and have dinner at Pitiona. But you should also try the Isthmian food that they prepare in Zandunga, we tell you about friends. Just one tip: in many restaurants, it is a good idea to book in advance, for example, at Los Danzantes. For chocolate, you can go to Casa Crespo, and an excellent place to try mezcal is the traditional Casa del Mezcal cantina.


#2. Santo Domingo and Other Cultural Options

You can dedicate a whole day to the old Dominican convent, flat out. You can start with the vast Ethnobotanical Garden, continue with the impressive interior of the church (there are usually useful guides), and finally dedicate a few hours to the Museum of the Cultures of Oaxaca will leave you excited if you are interested in history and art. They open at ten and close at 18:30, so you will have plenty of time. 


The treasures of Tomb 7 are perhaps the main attraction of this enclosure that offers more than a dozen rooms. The views from here are beautiful, there are rest areas, and they often give concerts and conferences. Believe us: touring Santo Domingo already makes the trip worthwhile. But there are many more cultural options! Like the San Pablo cultural complex, the books of the Oaxacan publishing house Almadia and several museums here and there.


#3. Surprises Everywhere

Imagine walking through the Center of Oaxaca, and suddenly you run into a music band and a lot of people around, in a festive procession. That’s quite likely to happen to you, and the best part is that you can join the party and follow the crowd among rockets, drums, colorful costumes… and paper mache giants! You are in a Calenda, which has taken you, as if by magic, to the beautiful neighborhood of Jalatlaco, or that of Xochimilco. Then you see a square with its church, perhaps celebrating its patronal feast, or a charming little restaurant, or a cafeteria with artisan products.


It is also possible to find surprises like this in the tree-lined Reforma neighborhood, such as the Casa Oaxaca cafeteria, or the home restaurant of La Teca (the Garnachas!) at 22 Violetas street, or… What if you walk to the sanctuary of the Virgen de la Soledad? And if you meet Francisco Toledo on the road? Visit Oaxaca; you will see everything you can find if you keep your curiosity on the surface and an open heart.


#4. The Wonderful Hotels

What to do in Oaxaca: eat, enjoy, walk, learn, meet people, buy textiles, visit museums, dance alone, fall in love … And sleep as you can only sleep in Oaxaca. To wake up and continue enjoying and continue eating delicious … You have this at your fingertips and, of course, your budget. You can find the most convenient hotel for you with momondo. Some are familiar, romantic, luxurious, simple… 


We like the Mission of Los Angeles for its gardens and family atmosphere, but there is also the Hotel Azul, with an excellent design (the Toledo suite!) And a terrific restaurant. There are so many options! Some will suit your tastes. Besides, momondo provides you with the lowest price guaranteed.


#5. The Surroundings

Oaxaca is like a country. Once you are in the capital, you will find yourself a step away from the impressive tianguis of Tlacolula, the petrified waterfalls of Hierve el Agua and the archaeological sites of Mitla and Monte Albán. Needless to say, you have to go to one of these places! But there are also the beaches of Oaxaca, Juchitán, the Sierra Mixteca, and a zillion other destination. 


If you like to design and architecture, we dare to suggest an excursion to the Centro de las Artes de San Agustín, in an old yarn and fabric factory in the nearby town of San Agustín Etla. We won’t tell you more because none of these sites can be fully described through words. You have to go. Visit Oaxaca now!


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