9 Foods You Should Definitely Try When Traveling to Germany

Germany is home to many and diverse, delicious foods. And if some of its recipes are known around the world, it’s for a reason. In this article, we have compiled a list of foods you

Germany is home to many and diverse, delicious foods. And if some of its recipes are known around the world, it’s for a reason. In this article, we have compiled a list of foods you should try when traveling to this fabulous country.

1. Eisbein
The first dish on a list of German food delicacies cannot be other than the German chicken. Among all the meats that exist, the Germans have a particular preference for pork. The Eisbein is a pork knuckle baked at low temperature. The objective is similar to that of the suckling pig, providing honeyed meat that practically melts in the mouth.

2. Nordseekrabben
Didn’t you imagine that there could be a plate of German food based on prawns? This is the case with Nordseekrabben, literally the prawns of the North Sea. And the fact is that Germany has a coast: its northern border, in addition to bordering Denmark, has extensive beaches bathed by the cold North Sea, a sea very rich in seafood. Since ancient times, the populations of these areas of Germany have used to eat fish and seafood dishes, and one of the most typical is this dish that consists of fried prawns with some dressing.

3. Kartoffelsalat
German food has a lot of salads and a lot of potatoes. So what better way for Germans to put the two together than to make a potato salad.
This is exactly what Kartoffelsalat is, a potato salad that has different versions depending on the place of origin, although as a general rule, it always has potatoes (of course), onion, mustard, and parsley.

4. Bretzels
The Bretzel or Pretzel, is the star snack of German food. It is a salty bread (although it has a sweet variant) and usually following a rounded shape. It is an exciting alternative to pastries or other less healthy foods and perfect to eat between meals or breakfast. You’ll find them anywhere, and they were a must on this list of food highlights of typical German food.

5. Obatzda
Did you know that in Germany there are also tapas? Yes, you’ve read that right. German tapas! It is very typical that in the Biergarten, especially in southern Germany, in the region of Bavaria, you can accompany your tankard with Obatzda, a typical dish Bavarian consisting of a kind of guacamole made with different types of cheese, onion, sweet pepper, and chives.
It is usually accompanied by a good pretzel or spread on a slice of bread.

6. Wei ß wurst
Wei ß wurst are typical German white sausages. As everyone knows, sausages are an integral part of German food. But the Weißwurst are not typical food of all Germany. In fact, there is an equator line in Germany that separates the regions where white sausage is consumed from those that have no idea what a Wei ß wurst is.

7. Sauerkraut
Sauerkraut is not an exclusive food of German cuisine, but it is widely used. It is a fermented cabbage that is usually served as an accompaniment and garnish for all kinds of recipes, be it meats or salads. Although its appearance is not too appetizing for palates, it has many good properties, so you should give it a try.

8. Kassler
This is another classic of typical German food. The Kassler is a smoked pork fillet. It is a reasonably tender cut that is generally not seasoned but is served with the regular potato and sauerkraut salads.

9. Quark
Germans are very fond of this dairy product in its thousand and one forms. A relatively famous one that we want to highlight is the quark, which is nothing more than a kind of fresh cheese, something more liquid, and widely consumed in breakfasts or snacks accompanied by toast.

If you ever had the chance to taste any other mouth-watering German dish, remember to share it with us by leaving a comment in the section below!

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