6 Reasons Why You Should Go on a Winery Tour

Wine tourism continues to act as a “getaway” tourism usually conducted as a couple, small groups of friends, or family. However, compared to the past, wineries today offer all kinds of personalized experiences depending on

Wine tourism continues to act as a “getaway” tourism usually conducted as a couple, small groups of friends, or family. However, compared to the past, wineries today offer all kinds of personalized experiences depending on the type of visit.

Gone are the boring walks through the vineyards, visits to winery facilities, lectures, and wine tastings. Today’s wine tourists look for more. The options are now practically endless. The versatility of wineries as a common link between gastronomy, nature and culture, make these establishments the centrepiece of an almost unlimited attraction for visitors. Here are some examples of the current offerings of wineries and why you should surely visit one:

1) Different Tastings

It is not the same to taste wine, analyze the typical three phases of wine while eating something, then have innovative experiences with different tastings. For instance, during a winery visit, you could have atypical pairings like chocolate and wine, grape tastings, etc. There are also small games or activities such as conducting a blind tasting with blindfolds, tastings with music, a little tasting competition among visitors and more.

2) Mixology

Mixology is a term used to refer to mixing drinks. Let’s say it’s a more sophisticated way of referring to mixology. Wine is usually a drink to be savoured alone, but it correctly supports mixology when done right. Offering alternatives to “just” wine and different combinations is a growing demand among visitors in wineries.

3) Gastronomy

One of the biggest claims of the wine tourist, along with wine, is gastronomy. Tourists are often surprised with a “snack” with an excellent tasting pairing or a special dinner at the winery during visits. With these good things, who wouldn’t want to come with family and friends?!

4) Learn

It is an opportunity to learn more about all that is behind a bottle of wine. Usually, in wineries and vineyards, the hosts are very grateful and happy that people visit them.

You will always find someone who will kindly welcome you and offer:

-A tour of the winery to teach you the process of making wine. From the moment the grapes arrive to how they are destemmed, how the juice is obtained, the fermentation and bottling.

-If you are lucky and the winemaker of the house is also there, it is even better because he can impart his passion or some of his extra knowledge.

-A tour of the vineyard will teach you something about viticulture. You will see how the vineyard is planted, how old it is, what grape varieties are harvested. Whether pesticides are used or not, the way of irrigation, etc … Anyway, all about the harvest.

-Go to the tasting room. Usually, the wineries want to publicize their wine and have bottles open so you can taste it. There will be a manager or sommelier who will quickly teach you the steps of a tasting.

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5) Daring to Discover 

If you want to plan a weekend with friends or partners and are tired of always visiting the same places, it is an excellent opportunity to invite them to a vineyard. Usually, there are restaurants or small stores in the vineyards where you can find something to eat, some snacks to accompany the wine. The chefs are generally very creative and will undoubtedly make pairing with your wine enjoyable.

Imagine a sunny afternoon, some tables and chairs outside, overlooking the vineyard, your friends sitting around and lots of laughter. That’s how life should be, right? Enjoy the little moments.

6) Tasting Directly From Barrels

There is nothing a tourist enjoys more than opening the barrel’s cork, or the key of a barrel, and drinking the wine directly from it. Tasting wines directly at different stages of production gives the visitor the greatest satisfaction. Although not always possible, the tourist who tastes the wine directly from the barrel becomes the brand’s best ambassador. On the other hand, the brand’s quality perception will grow significantly to be able to taste such a natural product “on the spot.”

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