8 Most Beautiful Train Rides Around the World

Traveling by train is adventurous, fun, and sustainable. Spectacular train trips can be booked all over the world. It doesn’t matter whether you want to travel through a winter wonderland, among wild animals, or along

Traveling by train is adventurous, fun, and sustainable. Spectacular train trips can be booked all over the world. It doesn’t matter whether you want to travel through a winter wonderland, among wild animals, or along with green rice fields. The train will take you everywhere. Some train journeys take less than an hour, others take days, but this diversity makes it all worthwhile. Here are some magnificent train rides you should have on your list:

1) The Glacier Express

One of the most famous European rail routes is the Glacier Express in Switzerland. For 8 hours, you will travel through the heart of the Alps. The road from Zermatt to St Moritz is stunning, both in summer and winter. You will find 291 bridges and 91 tunnels along the way. That can only mean one thing: that you cross mountains and pass over beautiful rivers and lakes.

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2) Aizuwakamatsu-Uonuma

Lovers of classic train pictures, sturdy locomotives crossing high-altitude bridges, surrounded by stunning nature can indulge themselves with the Tadami line in midwestern Japan. Between Aizukawaguchi and Aizuyanaizu, the views are the best, and the train crosses the four most photogenic bridges on the route. The section between Aizu-Kawaguchi and Tadami has been closed since 2011, with little prospect of recovery. A big downturn, but thanks to buses’ use, it is still possible to travel from start to finish in four hours.

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3) Montenegro Express

Less well known, but no less beautiful, is the Montenegro Express, which runs from Belgrade in Serbia to Bar in Montenegro. This train trip is perfect for travelers who prefer to seek tranquility and also give unknown and less touristy places a chance. From the train, you can also get a great picture of Serbia and Montenegro’s Balkan countries. What can you expect? Incomparable views of the Adriatic coast, azure blue rivers, and unspoiled mountainous areas. Lastly, as an absolute highlight, the Moraca Gorge.

4) Vancouver – Banff

The Rocky Mountaineer is the best option for transportation and sightseeing in the Canadian Rockies. This private train has three routes, all departing from Vancouver. A classic (not without reason) is the train ride to Banff, with views over the lakes, through the canyons, and along the high mountains. The compartments are mostly glass, allowing you to absorb the spectacular views better.

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5) Sri Lanka By Train

Another icon, the train journey from Kandy to Ella in Sri Lanka. You probably know the images of blue trains through a tropical landscape. People hang out of the windows and doors to get the best view of the scenery. This is an adventurous 7-hour bumpy ride through tea plantations, waterfalls, and pretty villages. You will spend your hours on the train open-mouthed.

6) Norway: Flåmbane

The Flåmbane Railway in Norway, also called the Myrdal – Flåm line is an epic one-hour train ride and is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful in the world. From your seat on the train, you can see breathtaking fjords, cliffs, 20 tunnels, and plenty of green mountain peaks. But not only are the views incredible, but this train line is also one of the steepest in the world.

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7) Experience a Harry Potter Train Ride in Scotland

Anyone who is a Harry Potter fan should take a trip to Scotland with the Jacobite Steam Train. This train takes you over the Glenfinnan Viaduct or the well-known arched bridge that the Hogwarts Express also crosses.

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8) The Netherlands

We couldn’t ignore the Netherlands on this list. Okay, we don’t have glaciers or gigantic mountains to gaze at while riding the train, but there are still train rides that do something special to you. This time we have chosen Utrecht to Maastricht as the most beautiful train ride. Why? Because it gives you a real vacation feeling. If you travel from the Netherlands’ center to Burgundy’s Maastricht, it almost feels like you’re rolling into another country.

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Ditch the plane and take the train on your next trip. This way, you’ll often get to places you’d otherwise never get to!


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