Travel to South Korea to Visit Some Amazing K-Drama Locations – Part 4

K-dramas are loved and watched worldwide, and die-hard K-drama fans are always on the lookout for filming locations to add to their travels. I mean, who would miss the chance to walk, talk and breathe

K-dramas are loved and watched worldwide, and die-hard K-drama fans are always on the lookout for filming locations to add to their travels. I mean, who would miss the chance to walk, talk and breathe where Lee Jong Suk or Lee Min Ho once did? If you feel the same way as I do, read this article to discover some amazing k-drama locations!


#1. Coex Aquarium – I Can Hear Your Voice

File:COEX Aqurium 2016.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually read other people’s minds? For example, imagine if you could know what your crush is thinking about?

This is the amazing ability of Park Soo Ha, the main hero of “I can hear your voice” and this character is played by the nation’s beloved Lee Jong Suk. I always try to watch all the Korean dramas that starred Lee Jong Suk as it seems like he graces my screen with his presence.

The drama tells the story of Park Soo Ha and Jang Hye Sung, a cynical lawyer. Jang Hye Sung is not like the other typical female leads that male ones always belittle. Not that I am saying that every woman should be a rocket scientist, but in this show, you won’t find the she-can’t-tie-her-own-shoelaces-but-she’s-so-cute lead. This drama follows the two characters as they bring justice in the courtroom and try to solve the most challenging cases with less than 1 % chance of winning.

Now, let’s shift our focus again to Soo Ha. It’s not always easy to even manage our own thoughts now imagine the poor oppa can hear everyone’s thoughts, even though he doesn’t want to. So, the only way he can relax his mind is to visit an aquarium and that serene place is none other than the Coex Aquarium found in the Gangnam district. It is one of the largest aquariums in South Korea, with over 40, 000 creatures on display.

This famous tourist spot is organized in such a way that tourists follow a preset path through the aquarium and can experience each of the themed areas in turn. In addition to fish, other local animals are included in the exhibit such as birds and otters. It is also noted that the highest number of sharks in South Korea live in this aquarium.

Found in the heart of Gangnam, the Coex Aquarium is not only a perfect healing place but can also remind you of the charming Lee Jong Suk.

#2. Seoul Book Bogo – Hotel Del Luna

File:Corridor of Seoulbookbogo.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Hotel Del Luna is not like any other hotels. More like a supernatural place, this hotel is not even visible in its true form to human beings during daytime. But what’s more shocking is that both its staff and clients are ghosts or souls that stay at the hotel to complete some unfinished business of their former loves before they pass on to the afterlife, where they go through the cycle of reincarnation.

But don’t worry, the barman won’t be a stumbling man with decayed skin and putrid smell and instead you will see a man dressed in a clean white shirt, bow ties, braces and black trousers. The only difference will be that he is maybe more than 500 years old and instead of being alive, he is just a ghost who had committed suicide in his previous life and who has a huge thirst for revenge. Nothing to worry at all!

But here our focus is not on the hotel but rather on its special ghost library. You still remember the library that was featured in the second episode? I will not be able to forget that as the unique design really struck me. And it turns out that it is the Seoul Book Bogo that the Seoul Metropolitan Government created in 2019.

It is a massive used bookstore found near the Jamsillaru Station. This treasure trove houses more than 120, 000 used books that were donated by famous intellectuals. This place also comprises 4 spaces for value, sharing, enjoyment, and experience, where visitors can understand the value of old books and participate in various cultural book programs held in the facility. Furthermore, the eye-catching arched bookshelves have become a popular photo spot.

So, if you are either a bookworm or a K-drama lover, you know where to go. But, my dear friend, there is no guarantee that you won’t find a ghost lurking behind these old bookshelves.


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