Es Vedra

Es Vedra: The Small Rocky Island Off The Coast of Ibiza

See ES Vedra, a Rocky Island off the Coast of Ibiza Es Vedra, a rocky island off the coast of Ibiza, is a magical place and a visit to the viewpoint near Se Pedrera is

See ES Vedra, a Rocky Island off the Coast of Ibiza

Es Vedra, a rocky island off the coast of Ibiza, is a magical place and a visit to the viewpoint near Se Pedrera is a must on your Ibiza itinerary. Ideally, combined with a visit to Atlantis, one of the island’s highlights and a relatively unknown pearl, a vacation in Ibiza is mainly about relaxing on the most beautiful beaches and discovering the best hot spots. Many people love to do this along with a nice picnic.

ES Vedra, Ibiza, at Its Best

Es Vedra is a small rocky island located on the southwest coast of Ibiza, Spain. What’s particularly impressive is that it’s uninhabited and protected. The highest point on Es Vedra is 413 meters, which seems odd. Aside from the fact that the view from the main island of Ibiza is impressive and breathtaking, it is also fascinating that there are many stories associated with Es Vedra. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is a special place that attracts many tourists, locals, artists, and spiritual people.

Es Vedra is said to have a magical energy attraction. For example, some of the islanders have experienced cosmic forces, and Don Francisco Palau, a 19th-century priest, has experienced mystical phenomena while meditating. It is said that he had an encounter with aliens. According to some legends, this rocky island is also said to be the top of the sunken city of Atlantis.

What about being there at sunset? In a word, it’s simply magical! Especially as soon as the sun disappears over the horizon and everyone starts cheering.

Coucher De Soleil Sur Le Golf, La Plage De Ponte Védra
Sunset at Es Vedra

How Do You Get To the Viewpoint of ES Vedra?

Renting a car is essential to enjoy the breathtaking views of Es Vedra, and you can do some research about websites for car rental options and costs. To get to the parking lot, it is convenient to travel to Se Pedrera. As you enter this area, you will automatically see signs along the road indicating a parking lot.

How to Get To the Viewpoint

Please note that this spot is very popular and can get very crowded, especially around sunset. The parking lots will fill up quickly, and cars will park along the road to create their own parking spaces. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes straight from the parking lot to the viewpoint.

L'Eau, Nature, Panoramique, Paysage, Mer, Ibiza
Es Vedra

Useful Information to Know Before You Visit

The observatory is a mountain cliff from which you can see Es Vedra. The road to the viewpoint is a mixture of gravel, sand, and stones. Therefore, it is advisable to wear good shoes instead of walking in heels or flip-flops. The edges are not smooth, so always be careful where you step. There are no facilities at the viewpoint, so bring your food and drink if you stay for a long time. During the day, it is tranquil, and you can spend time alone, but this place is very popular at night.

If you would like to appreciate Es Vedra from a different perspective, you can do so from the beach of Cala d’Hort or the stunning terrace of the restaurant (and hotel!).

Once you get close to Es Vedra, you might see what everyone talks about. There is something magical about just seeing a massive rock in the middle of the ocean, and whether you are looking at it from the beach at Cala D’Hort or from a nearby viewpoint, you will not be able to take your eyes off the rock!

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