Serial killer tours: the next hip tourist trend.

If you are a horror movie buff like me, chances that you listen to true-crime podcasts regularly are pretty high. True crime podcasts are audio recordings that you can listen to on the internet on

If you are a horror movie buff like me, chances that you listen to true-crime podcasts regularly are pretty high. True crime podcasts are audio recordings that you can listen to on the internet on sites like Spotify, Audible, or Apple podcasts and they center on serial killers and crimes. This one is a bit out there; it is a bit like an accident that occurred on the road, you will yourself not to look at it, but you do it anyway. Serial killer tours are the new fad and I, for once, am riding on this train. Come along with us and discover some of the famous serial killer tours you can go on the next time you visit a big city or one near you. Welcome to the world of the Macabre.

List of tours:

1. Cream City Cannibal: Jeffrey Dahmer Tour


Also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal and the Milwaukee Monster, he is one of the most prolific gay serial killers in America and was arrested and sentenced to life after he was charged with the murder and disembodiment of 17 men and boys from the year 1978 to 1991. He was charged with 16 terms of life in prison and was beaten to death in prison in 2008. He would feed on the corpse of his victims, have intercourse with them and even save part of his victims as trophies.

This 75 minutes tour through his home state, Milwaukee, will trace his footsteps as he stalked and murdered his victims. The tour even shows you where he fed on 7 out of his 17 victims. The tour is infamous for its gruesome sights and boasts itself of being banned from Groupon “twice.” Friendly tip, don’t eat before this tour because it will make you throw your guts out. Sensitive soul, beware.

2Devil and the White City H. H. Holmes tour.

H. H. Holmes

Better known as Dr. Henry Howard Holmes. He is considered to be America’s first serial killer if you don’t count the thousands of native people and African American slaves that were slaughtered in the name of ‘freedom’ and ‘progress’. He was a con artist and trigamist on top of being a serial killer. He confessed to murdering 27 people but was sentenced to death for the killing of his business partner.

In Illinois, Chicago, this tour takes place where Holmes went on a spree killing people around the World’s Fair Hotel, which is infamously known as Murder Hotel in 1893. Though no longer standing, the tour makes you take a trip down memory lane and make you visit the remains of the location. They also take you to the place where Holes would find his victims. This tour is a must-see for history buffs as it gives you an insight into old Chicago and its architecture with a sprinkle of serial killers.

3. Zodiac Killer tour

zodiac killer

The identity of the zodiac killer is still unknown to the day and remains one of America’s most famous unsolved cases. Though there were many speculations on how he might be, his real identity was never confirmed. Though official, it is confirmed that he killed only 5 people; in one of his famous letters to newspapers, he claims to have killed more than 37 people. In one of his numerous letters to the press, he even stated that he was collecting slaves for the afterlife.

This one is only for true-crime podcast and documentary fans as the tour takes 5 hours to complete as it takes you to all 7 sites where he committed his crime in chronological order. You will be going through San Francisco, across the famous Golden Gate Bridge, to Napa Valley and finally back to the city. Though this tour might seem really long, don’t forget that it is in California and you’ll also be able to enjoy the fabulous scenic view.

4. Helter Skelter Tour

This tour brings you to the birth of Charles Manson and his atrocious crime. Not many serial killers have marked the mind of many Americans like Charles Manson, and this is why he is the last entry on our list. Manson was at the head of a cult based in Los Angeles; some of the members of this cult committed a series of nine murders in four locations from July to August 1969. Charles Manson, the leader of the Mansion family and the cult, was convicted for murder and conspiracy to murder 7 people, among which was famous actress Sharon Tate.

This 3.5 hours tour makes the atrocities more and more real as you explore the murders committed by the Manson family. It focuses on both the killers and their victims before and after the crime was committed. The tours include trips to the murder locations, audio recording of the killers talking about their heinous crimes, the driveway where the killers washed away the blood and other traces of their crime, the hillside where most of the evidence was found and a visit to where the victims had their final meals prior to being murdered. The tour is led by Scott Micheals, who made a documentary on them called The Six Degrees of Helter Skelter, which means you’ll be in pretty good hands during this tour.

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