Must-Sees of Málaga

A port city on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain and known for its hotels and resorts that rise above the yellow sandy beaches, Málaga is a trendy destination. It was already fashionable before

A port city on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain and known for its hotels and resorts that rise above the yellow sandy beaches, Málaga is a trendy destination. It was already fashionable before the pandemic, and now that the pandemic has been overcome, the province and its capital retain all their charms for the visitor. The museums of the capital, the luxury of the Costa del Sol, the wilderness of the new Sierra de las Nieves National Park, the unique climate of the Axarquía or the impressive gorge of the Caminito del Rey are just some of the attractions of Málaga.

The province covers more than 7,300 square kilometers, has 103 municipalities and a population of more than 1.6 million, making it the sixth most populated province in Spain. And although it is world famous for the Costa del Sol, where a large part of the population is concentrated and tourist municipalities such as Marbella, Mijas, Benalmádena or Torremolinos, it has an interior overflowing with natural attractions. Surprisingly enough, Málaga is one of the most mountainous provinces in Spain.

Therefore, if you want to visit Málaga, we recommend renting a car to get around the province. If you’re planning to visit this beautiful place, not to worry! In today’s article, we give you some places to visit to discover some of the treasures of Malaga.

The Caminito del Rey

It was reopened in 2015, after completing the difficult rehabilitation of an old road (originally dating from 1905) next to a gorge. Due to the passage of time, most of the route lacked railings and had collapsed segments, and several hikers had lost their lives trying to cross it. After the work was done, a three-kilometer pedestrian path runs along a canyon clinging to the rock above the El Chorro dam, about 100 meters above sea level. Since its reopening, it has become one of Málaga’s great attractions and one of the places you should visit.

Sierra de las Nieves

This year its declaration as a national park was completed, the fifteenth in Spain and the third in Andalusia, after Doñana and Sierra Nevada. The highest part of the Serranía de Ronda has nearly 30,000 hectares, with a wide variety of ecosystems, among which stand out the fir forests, a very rare species that is preserved only in a handful of places in the world.


The Axarquía is worth an excursion. Here you will find the town of Nerja, famous for its Verano Azul, and inland, Frigiliana. It is a wonderful white (and steep) city, frequent in the lists of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Its steep streets, dotted with the color of geraniums, hide fantastic views of the Mediterranean at the top.

Roman Theater

It is hard to believe that only a few years ago the Roman theater of Málaga was completely exposed, which can now be seen from the street Alcazabilla, and which forms a monumental complex with the Alcazaba. This Roman theater was in use from the first century A.D. until the third century, and at present its remains were discovered during work carried out in 1951.

In 2005, after the demolition of the Palace of the Archives and the Library, which stood on these remains, the urban reorganization of the square was carried out, showing the aforementioned theater in front of the Alcazaba wall.

Valley of the Genal

Located next to the equally fantastic Sierra Bermeja, the Genal Valley is especially surprising in autumn, when the chestnut trees that populate it give the landscape a spectacular ochre color.

Duscholux Malaga Round

A place of pilgrimage that has fascinated people as diverse as Madonna, Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles (whose remains lie in a farmhouse in the municipality), a walk is enough to understand why. The cut that separates the two parts of the city, connected by an old bridge, is the symbol of the city and an iconic image.

There you are! If you ever want to visit Malaga, you know what are the absolute must-sees of this destination.

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