3 Kenyan Dishes That You Should Taste

Every trip is also a culinary experience, so it is important to know a little about the gastronomy of each place we plan to visit. And that’s why for our articles, we not only look

Every trip is also a culinary experience, so it is important to know a little about the gastronomy of each place we plan to visit. And that’s why for our articles, we not only look for the best destinations to visit, but also, in our gastronomic section, the best dishes you can try in each destination. This time we will talk about the typical food of Kenya.

Kenya is a country with a varied and diversified gastronomy, with flavors that will awaken in your palate sensations that you did not know. Would you like to taste the best of Kenyan cuisine? Join us in today’s post to discover its best dishes and start planning your gastronomic tour in this beautiful country.

Typical Kenyan food: Introduction to Its Gastronomy

Without a doubt, there are many reasons to travel to Kenya, and one of the main reasons is the varied and tasty cuisine of this country. Kenya is the perfect safari, not only of animals, but also of flavors. In these African lands, there is a concentration of thousand-year-old traditions that cross all the cultural aspects of the country and, mainly, its gastronomy.

The typical food of Kenya is very varied and full of new flavors: not because its ingredients are not found in other parts of the world, but because the combination of flavors and preparation of this place is unique and leaves the guests with one of the greatest pleasures they can have.

These 3 dishes that we are going to present you below do not represent everything that Kenyan cuisine has to offer, but they are the 3essential dishes that you must try of the typical Kenyan food. Of course, they are just a tasty and varied appetizer of all that Kenyan cuisine has to offer.

With a cuisine that has had British, Asian, Arabic and Indian influences, Kenyan cuisine presents multiple flavors in a unique mishmash that will make you want to try each of its dishes several times over. This is because the best of different cultures converge in its cuisine, along with a unique seasoning that only its gastronomy can give. Ready to venture out and get to know all these dishes? Join us to discover them!

  1. Nyama Choma

If we are going to talk about typical Kenyan cuisine, then we need to start by making some comments about nyama choma. Within the culinary safari that is Kenyan gastronomy, nyama choma represents one of the most important dishes of the region. Considered a national dish, this grilled goat meat dish is one of the most popular and tasty dishes in this beautiful country and, therefore, one of the dishes of Kenyan cuisine that you cannot miss to try during your gastronomic trip to Kenya.

  1. Ugali

The nyama choma is followed, both in popularity and in flavor, by the ugali, one of the main companions of the cuisine of this country. Made with maize flour and sometimes also with starch, this dish is not only present in Kenyan cuisine, but is common to the different countries of the region.

It is a dish that you can eat hot or cold, and it is one of the main accompaniments of Kenyan cuisine. Of course, being such a popular dish, you can also find it with different presentations and flavors, but always keeping its cultural and gastronomic essence.

  1. Tilapia

Another curiosity of Kenya, at least from a culinary point of view, is the tilapia. This dish, so common in other countries of the region as well as in other continents, takes on a special flavor in Kenyan cuisine. But what makes it so special? The truth is hard to say, but we can assure you that it is not the same as tilapia fillet elsewhere in the world.

If the secret is hidden in the seasoning or in some preparation device, that’s something we leave to the Kenyan chefs, but the truth is that you must give yourself the opportunity to taste this wonderful dish of the typical Kenyan cuisine.

Here you are! You now know 3 of the best dishes that you should absolutely try when traveling to Kenya. What’s your favorite dish? Share it with us in the comments below.

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