Places To Visit In Your 20s

There is no better way to unwind from the stresses of everyday life and restore your mind and body than to take a vacation. Discover the greatest locations to travel in your 20s on a

There is no better way to unwind from the stresses of everyday life and restore your mind and body than to take a vacation. Discover the greatest locations to travel in your 20s on a budget, considering criteria such as price, experiences, and what each country has to offer, and learn what makes these destinations so wonderful!

Whether you want to spend time with your friends and share new experiences with them or travel alone to a distant country, this may be a wonderful opportunity to make lifelong memories and open yourself to new experiences that can transform your attitude and perspective on life.

Costa Rica

aerial view of trees near sea

Costa Rica is a wonderful destination to visit, whether you want to get your adrenaline pumping with hundreds of adventure activities to choose from or simply want to lay back and relax by the beach and soak up the tropical sunshine — and did we mention it’s incredibly affordable?

Ziplining through the trees, white-water rafting in rivers, horseback riding in the jungles, and rainforest trekking are all options. The possibilities for experiences are limitless, making this a fantastic area to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and test the boundaries of what you believed was possible.

What makes this nation even more intriguing is that while you explore the forests, you will be surrounded by various animals.

Costa Rica is also an excellent spot to immerse yourself in a foreign culture that is vastly different from your own without having to go too far! So start practising your Spanish (or don’t, because there are plenty of people who speak English) and be ready to eat delicious new cuisine with unusual flavours while getting to know the friendly and hospitable people who will make you feel perfectly at home.


brown concrete bridge on mountain during daytime

While Bulgaria is an undervalued holiday destination, it is rich in natural beauty and history that many visitors are unaware of. Despite common assumptions, this Balkan gem is home to Europe’s oldest city, Plovdiv, which goes back to 6000 BC, exceeding Athens and Rome by a wide margin. The nation is surrounded by majestic mountains and beautiful beaches along the Black Sea, where the seas are crystal blue, and the coasts are breathtaking. This is a fantastic location for nature enthusiasts who wish to trek or relax by the ocean.

Bulgaria also has a dynamic nightlife culture, with colourful bars, pubs, and clubs pulsing with music and day-to-day celebrations, including festivals and events that regularly take place in city streets, making it one of the finest destinations to visit in your twenties on a budget.

Bulgaria also ranks first among Europe’s most cheap travel destinations. Because this tourist destination is relatively undiscovered (at the moment), costs have not risen much, allowing you to take advantage of the low-cost restaurants, free walking tours, and extremely inexpensive admission fees to museums and other attractions that will make your trip all the more rewarding.


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Europe is undoubtedly one of the greatest destinations to visit in your twenties. While places like Paris and London get all the attention — and are overrun with tourists, making social separation difficult without forgetting that it is very expensive, why not change things up with a vacation to Poland? This Central European treasure is one of Europe’s largest nations, with many attractions. The architecture is one-of-a-kind, the scenery is breathtaking, and the ancient town squares are alive with activity – not to mention the food is out of this world!

You’ve tried some Polish delicacies with a dish of pierogis, offered in restaurants around Poland, and come in various tastes, including potato, fish, cream cheese, pork, spinach, and more (even chocolate)! And, speaking of sweets, the desserts here are to die for, thanks to the exceptionally fresh milk products, so prepare to sample some of the nicest ice creams you’ve ever had.

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