Best Things to Do in Alsace, France

Alsace, which is bordered on the south by Switzerland and on the east by Germany, is a historically and culturally distinct area. Alsace is part of the French Grand Est region, and it has changed

Alsace, which is bordered on the south by Switzerland and on the east by Germany, is a historically and culturally distinct area. Alsace is part of the French Grand Est region, and it has changed hands multiple times between France and Germany through the years. As a result, this region of France has a distinct identity, history, and cuisine that is equal parts German and French.

There are many Alsace attractions, including charming, candy-colored villages that appear like they might come right out of a storybook, that make this area the ideal destination for a weekend vacation from Paris or a longer journey. Lets discover the best things to do in Alsace…

1. Visit Strasbourg, the Capital

Strasbourg is the capital of the Grand Est region as well as Alsace. The European Parliament and other European institutions have their formal seat in this cosmopolitan city, with a lengthy history.

Strasbourg is the greatest spot to start any journey to Alsace and one of the top places to visit in Alsace due to the sheer number and diversity of things to do. Strasbourg could easily fill a two-day schedule with its beautiful, historic Old Town district, a mix of ethnicities that has resulted in an exciting cuisine scene and a strong art scene. You can, however, choose to stay longer and use the city to visit other destinations in Alsace on day trips.

2. Visit Fairytale Colmar

When it comes to organizing a vacation to France, Colmar is the sort of place that people fantasize about. It is not just one of France’s most beautiful cities, but it has also been one of its cultural hubs since the 13th century. This heritage can be found in every canal, charming neighborhood, and meandering street in Colmar.

There aren’t many activities in Colmar, but there are plenty of beautiful panoramic spots, particularly in the old core. Floral displays adorn every corner, half-timbered buildings dot the landscape, and old mansions demand exploration. This is why it is one of Alsace’s most popular (and frequented) tourist destinations.

3. Explore the Most Beautiful Villages of Alsace

Alsace has a plethora of charming little towns and villages to explore from north to south. These Alsace villages are charming destinations not to be missed, with beautiful landscape, gorgeous streets, lovely squares, and historic structures.

Choosing which Alsatian towns and villages to visit on your vacation might be difficult; all of these Alsatian communities are beautiful! Our favorite is Riquewihr, although Kaysersberg, Eguisheim, and Ribeauvillé are also worth visiting.

4. Visit Mont Saint Odile

For ages, Mont Sainte-Odile has kept an eye on Alsace. Mont Sainte-Odile is one of the nicest spots to visit in Alsace, surrounded by the beautiful, wooded Vosges.

This religious place dates back to the 7th century, though it has been restored several times since then. It was previously devoted to Odile, Alsace’s patron saint, and it remains one of the area’s most important religious places for the residents.

One of the nicest things to do in Alsace is to climb to the peak of Mont Sainte-Odile to absorb the scenery (and perhaps a little prayer). Make sure to hike through the woodland area and see the pagans’ wall, which was built around 1000 BC.

5. Take the Alsace Wine Route

The Alsace wine trail is a must-see for anybody visiting this region. This wine path between Colmar and Strasbourg, one of the top Alsace attractions, offers tourists to see magnificent landscapes and villages while sampling some of the region’s greatest wines.
Sadly, Alsace’s wine is not as well-known as other French wine areas. This mistake must be corrected in the future since the region produces great white wines that are flowery and peppery and pair beautifully with the fantasy villages and breathtaking landscape.

6. Hiking in the Vosges

The Vosges are a group of low, undulating mountain ranges that make hiking one of the best things to do in Alsace. The mountains’ slopes aren’t too high, and the environment is rich and green, with vineyards and woods aplenty.
There are numerous popular hiking paths in the vicinity (local tourism offices can provide information and maps). You can even rent an electric bike to explore further than you could on foot.

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