Choice Of Motorhome: Overview Of The Most Popular Models

Also known as a motorhome, it is the most practical type of vehicle, as it is designed to be habitable. Some people use it as a recreational vehicle, especially for family vacations, while others, such

Also known as a motorhome, it is the most practical type of vehicle, as it is designed to be habitable. Some people use it as a recreational vehicle, especially for family vacations, while others, such as nomadic people, use it as a place to live. Are you interested in a motorhome? But do you hesitate to choose the best model? Discover the 6 main families of motorhomes in this article, with their strong and weak points.

The motorhome capucine


It is easily identifiable, thanks to its cap that juts out above the driver’s cabin. The reason for this cap is that this is where the high sleeping area is located, which can accommodate 4 to 7 people. It is ideal for your first trip to a motorhome. As an advantage, it offers a more spacious living area than the others because the bed does not occupy the floor area. Thus, the passengers can enjoy an optimal space for the interior design. However, the bed below the ceiling is a constraint for some people, such as claustrophobics. In addition, the motorhome capucine consumes more fuel than a motorhome profile (even with almost identical functions).

The profiled motorhome

It is a model softened of the motor home capucine because its cap is lightened. Its profile is more aerodynamic, and its length is between 6 and 7,5 m. Its bed is no longer located above the cabin because it has a bed pavilion and is additionally provided with the handling of the dinette to its stage.

Spacious, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing, this is the most popular motorhome. Its bed can be central or twin. It is perfect for couples without children but is available in other models to allow the whole family to travel together, regardless of the destination chosen.

The integral motorhome


It has a different silhouette than the others. Its driver’s cabin is integrated into a complete body on a bare chassis. It is a top-of-the-range model, offering a panoramic view, and is equipped with additional facilities. That’s why it’s expensive. It can accommodate a large family, as it has a cabin that can be converted into a living room, with swivel seats that can be used as armchairs, a bed at the rear of the cabin, and another above the driver’s cabin (which can be raised against the roof when driving with the help of jacks).

The removable cell

It is a hybrid vehicle, sometimes with large dimensions. It should not be confused with the caravan, even if it is presented as an independent caravan placed on a carrier (generally on the back of a pick-up). Indeed, the 2 elements (the cell and the carrier) are autonomous. However, the removable cell has a small drawback because when it is clamped, it is incompatible with some carriers.

The van, van, or combi fitted out

These utility vehicles are fitted out as motor homes but keep their original bodywork. They are physically different from vehicles of the same type by their additional openings, like the bay windows. They are less cumbersome and more discreet. Offered by professional fitters and major brands, they meet every specific need. Their living space is limited, and their beds are not permanent. They are available in 2 models. On the one hand, the model with a lifting roof is intended for summer use and camping enthusiasts. On the other hand, the maxi models provide high maneuverability, a large discretion, and great freedom of parking.

The converted truck


It is much more spacious and luxurious than the previous models. Well equipped, it is intended for fairground trips. Because of their size, they can only circulate on major highway networks. In short, choose a motorhome that suits your needs. However, to be able to drive safely, proceed to technical control of your motorhome with a certified professional.

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