Madagascar, The Island With The Most Beautiful Tourist Sites In The World

Are you looking for new adventures, or are you simply tired of the same annual refrain that your vacation takes? In both cases, find in this article a new passion by inspiring you with the

Are you looking for new adventures, or are you simply tired of the same annual refrain that your vacation takes? In both cases, find in this article a new passion by inspiring you with the most beautiful landscapes that the fifth big island of the world offers you: Madagascar. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn about some of the best places to visit in Madagascar.

The Amber Mountain


Put on your hiking boots and come to visit the national park of Amber Mountain, located about thirty kilometers from the northern regions of Madagascar. Its particularity is that it is composed of a vast tropical rainforest sheltering several endemic animal and plant species. We have, for example, several varieties of the Oleaceae species, such as Olea ambiances, Olea capensis macrocarpa, and Olea lancea.

The park’s fauna consists of seven Lemurian species, including the smallest primate in the world: the red microcebe. Discover also 18 waterfalls and 6 lakes, each with sacred traditions, which will make you enjoy not only geographically speaking but also historically the mysteries that await you on the red island. It is advisable to go on vacation in the low season to be able to enjoy this attraction to the maximum.

The forest of Masoala

Unlike Amber Mountain, the Masoala National Park was created in 1997 in northeast Madagascar in order to protect and restore the Malagasy heritage. Being the largest protected nature reserve in the country, it consists of 235,000 Ha of tropical rainforest. As the famous botanist Martin W. Callmander of the Conservatoire et Jardin Botaniques de Genève: “This forest is so dense that 90% of the light never reaches the ground”.

That’s why UNESCO inscribed it on the world heritage list since while walking there, you will hopefully come across chronic Malagasy species such as the tomato frog, the red vari, or the aye-aye. Not to mention its position on a peninsula, which presents you with a pleasant view of the union of the forest with the crystalline sea.

The Tsingy of Bemaraha


Let’s change course and take this time to the western region in search of new landscapes for your photo album. Also classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the integral nature reserve of Tsingy de Bemaraha is famous for its canyons with sharp edges spread over an area of 157,710 Ha. Apart from the magnificence of the view that it offers, this reserve has a very diverse ecosystem.

We have several species of plants (including more than 650 species), as well as a fauna that can be found nowhere else than in Madagascar, such as the Antsigy’s Brookésie, the Henst’s Goshawk, the Sifaka, or the White-throated Rail. It is also possible to choose your hotel thanks to the hotel service located near the center of the attraction.

St. Mary’s Island

Just in time for the summer vacations, St. Mary’s is famous for a landmark event that takes place only from June to September: the Whale Festival. Indeed, this underwater giant, especially the humpback whale, chooses this time to go and reproduce. So you will see not only a beautiful beach with a turquoise sea but also huge mammals showing their animal instinct.

It is also famous for its luxurious hotel service, delicious culinary tourism, and attractive activities such as dugout canoes or catamarans to enjoy the aquatic fauna and flora. Legends say that at the sight of the Pirate’s Graveyard, this island was once a den of sea robbers thanks to the visits of emblematic figures of piracy such as John Avery, Christopher Content, Thomas Tew, William Kidd, and Olivier Le Vasseur.

The baobab alley in Morondava


As we have recently talked about “giants”, let’s continue to an even bigger species, but this time on land: the baobabs. Imposing trees in size, with a unique caricature and crowns at the ends of the branches, the baobab alley is full of these majestic-looking giants making it the most visited tourist attraction in the region.

In the past, they were called “renala” or “mother of the forest” since they were left as a legacy by the Malagasy ancestors. With the different sun positions, enjoy the superb sunset this avenue offers; if you missed the dusk, make up for it with the dawn. In a rather dry and bushy landscape, the view that it offers in the evening is just dazzling.

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