Top 6 French Desserts Everyone Should Taste

Macarons, Pains perdus, or crêpes, here are names of desserts that we all know. Indeed, France is not only known for its museums and monuments, but it also has an important culinary heritage, among which

Macarons, Pains perdus, or crêpes, here are names of desserts that we all know. Indeed, France is not only known for its museums and monuments, but it also has an important culinary heritage, among which are delicious cakes that we love to eat. In the land of sugar, butter, and whipped cream, our cooks and pastry chefs are always coming up with more and more delicious treats.

If you don’t know what to do in Toronto, a little visit to the local bakery can’t hurt. I love desserts, and they are a way for me to discover new cultures. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the best french desserts that everyone should taste at least once in their life.

1. The Paris-Brest


The most romantic will think that a pastry chef invented this cake on a train between Paris and Brest, leaving his sweetheart… and the most greedy will add that it was 4:00 pm and that he was very hungry! No… you are not there! The Paris-Brest was invented by a pastry chef, Louis Durand near Paris, who was asked by Pierre Giffard, founder of the bicycle race, to invent a cake to celebrate the race and its riders.

The idea of a bicycle wheel was an obvious choice, hence the initial rounded shape of this delicious pastry. The Paris-Brest is made with praline buttercream or praline mousseline cream, a mixture of flaked almonds, hazelnuts, and powdered sugar on a bed of rounded choux pastry.

2. Millefeuille

The origin of this delicious pastry remains a mystery throughout the millennia! Everyone has attributed the recipe of the millefeuille to themselves, even the Byzantines! Its name is justified by the superposition of layers of puff pastry.

Although it does not have a thousand leaves and so much the better for the assembly. To realize a perfect millefeuille, it will be necessary to have 3 layers of puff pastry, between which will slip 2 layers of pastry cream (declinable as one pleases: coconut, praline, fruit, mocha, caramel, almond, vanilla, …) The top will be glazed with powdered sugar or fondant.

3. The Moka


It is a dessert made mainly with coffee from the port of Yemen (the port of Mocha where the coffee shipments to Europe were made); hence it’s pretty little name. It is generally made of alternating layers of sponge cake soaked with coffee and coffee-flavored buttercream on which a veil of roasted almonds is placed for decoration. Although it is declined with chocolate, the mocha remains a cake very appreciated by the good amateurs of caffeine.

4. The Rum Baba

As its name indicates, the rum baba is a soft cake, more precisely a savarin soaked in rum. Its name comes from an 18th-century anecdote where King Stanislas of Poland found his Kouglof too dry and sprinkled it with Malaga wine to make it softer. Nicolas Stohrer, a Parisian pastry chef, had the idea of replacing the wine with rum! It is also available in Italy with limoncello liqueur.

5. Fraisier


There is no top 10 classic French pastry without the presence of the fraisier! So the origin of the fraisier is still a mystery… But whatever it is, its exquisite taste is not. You have to find the perfect balance between the sponge cake, the mousseline cream and… and… and the strawberries! Yes, you’re right! Whether you make it round or square, have fun with the dressing. Once again, this is an easy recipe to make.

6. The Saint Honoré

The Saint Honoré owes its name to the patron saint of bakers in 1850 (it’s not getting any younger). Originally, it was a large brioche filled with pastry cream that had been reworked. From now on, we use a puff pastry as a base, and we put choux pastry balls filled with chiboust cream on top. A chiboust cream is a mixture of pastry cream and meringue). You will have to fix the choux to the pastry with caramel for the assembly.

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