Equipment Needed For Wilderness Camping

Camping is, above all, a passion. It can be done with friends or family. The comfort of a vacation in a more luxurious place is not at all the same. Indeed, wild camping requires a

Camping is, above all, a passion. It can be done with friends or family. The comfort of a vacation in a more luxurious place is not at all the same. Indeed, wild camping requires a certain number of criteria to support the atmosphere and the way of life in the middle of nature. Sleeping on the ground, risking mosquito bites, and fighting fear can be quite confusing for some.

However, even with all these different adaptation constraints, wilderness camping is a great adventure without equality. And to make it a success, it is essential to prepare all the necessary materials and equipment in advance. Currently, there are many companies that rent equipment dedicated to special events and camping. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn about some of the things you need for camping.

The essential equipment for camping

1. The tent


The tent is the most important element. Choosing the right one requires much thought when going on your first trip. Find out how waterproof and windproof your shelter is for whatever type of camping you want (camping vacations, wilderness camping, or bivouac). Your belongings will then be protected from bad weather, and you will be able to enjoy your stay in complete safety.

The living area, which is the room outside the bedrooms, will allow you to store the rest of your equipment. If you want a small tent, we recommend you choose one with an extra sleeping area, which will serve as a storage area. Finally, you should also pay attention to the shape of the tent.

For a “family” camping, the tunnel shape will be more adapted. These tents often have a larger living space and offer more comfort. We advise you to choose the dome shape for trekking or high mountain expeditions. Also known as igloo tents, they are faster to erect and lighter, allowing you to transport them easily. You can also choose the pyramid shape, which is reminiscent of the tipis of the American Indians. Spacious and easy to show, these tents are a perfect compromise between the 2 previous ones.

2. The sleeping bag or camping mattress with accessories

Everyone has their point of view on sleeping devices. Some people opt for the sleeping bag, while others prefer a camping mattress. The choice depends on the needs of each person. Sleeping devices are usually accompanied by accessories such as pillows. For sensitive people, you should consider including a floor mat.

3. The backpack


The backpack is, without a doubt, the “must-have” for wilderness camping. This equipment will allow you to store all your daily personal belongings and useful emergency accessories. Among the accessories to put imperatively in its backpack are:

    • Toilet paper
    • Garbage bags
    • A first aid kit
    • A flashlight with its accessories
    • Anti-mosquito and solar devices for sensitive people
    • A compass

4. Other required equipment

In order to have a good time while camping, it is preferable to foresee and anticipate all possible situations. To do this, do not forget to bring the necessary equipment, such as:

    • A water bottle
    • Water cans in case the place is not supplied with drinking water
    • Plastic cutlery: plates, spoons, forks, knives, cups
    • A gas stove with a spare

5. The food


Basic foodstuffs include rice, canned food, pasta, and many others, depending on the choice and needs of each person. To avoid infestations and contamination of your food by bacteria, it is advisable to use perfectly sealed tins and paper for conservation.

6. Personal belongings

Personal belongings are those that contribute to preserving hygiene and cleanliness. For this type of adventure, it is not necessary to overload yourself. You will have to make do with the bare necessities. It is necessary to foresee some warm clothes; shoes adapted to all types of ground, a raincoat… In any case, it is useless to bring valuable objects because you will have difficulty finding them if you lose them.

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