Between Glamping And Camping: Choose What Suits You Best!

As the vacations approach, are you planning to take your children to a faraway place where you can spend unforgettable moments with them? For a long time, you have been thinking of trying a camping

As the vacations approach, are you planning to take your children to a faraway place where you can spend unforgettable moments with them? For a long time, you have been thinking of trying a camping experience, but recently, you have been informed of a new style: “glamping”? What to choose between the two? In this article, you’ll learn about the major differences between these two vacation styles.

Overview of glamping


The term “glamping” comes from the contraction of two words in English: “glamorous” and “camping”. This style was born in Great Britain and adopted a lifestyle inspired by African safaris and North American assertions. Compared to traditional camping, glamping allows vacationers to enjoy more comfort. In other words, it combines the natural setting of camping with the luxury of 5-star accommodation.

When we talk about glamping, we are referring to the rental of a luxury tent, a mobile home or a bungalow. Some tourist services also offer the rental of unusual accommodation such as a teepee, bubble or yurt in a private property. But no matter what type of accommodation you choose, you can be sure to have a unique experience by opting for glamping.

Glamping and camping: the differences in accommodation

The main difference between camping and glamping is the accommodation. Before making your choice, read the following.

Types of camping accommodation and services



In traditional camping, you bring your own “vacation home”. Only the pitch is for rent. However, it is possible to rent tents. For classic and cheap camping, the sanitary facilities are shared, the restaurant service is often limited, and the other services are also restricted.

In summary, the main camping accommodations are tents, motor homes and caravans. Even though camping is relatively interesting, the lightness and mobility of the accommodations remain weak points.

Types of glamping accommodation and services

If camping offers a minimum of comfort, glamping stands out for its attractive services and its different types of accommodation. Indeed, you can choose accommodation: a mobile home, a luxury tent, a lodge, a tree house, a trailer and many other atypical accommodations.

The services offered in glamping include at least: a comfortable bed, a private bathroom, running water and electricity. In addition, some vacation accommodations offer wifi, air conditioning, TV, kitchen, fridge, oven, private pool, etc.

Glamping and camping: the price distinction

Camping equipment

As you can see, glamping and camping do not offer the same services and comfort. That said, there is a big difference in price between the two.

If you are planning to go on a traditional camping trip, you should know that the price of renting a bare pitch varies according to the region, the services offered and the number of stars the campsite has. However, the price difference is not that noticeable. In France, for example, you can expect to pay 23 euros per night for a bare pitch for a couple.

For you, vacations rhyme with luxury. Then glamping may be for you. With the large variety of accommodations offered, you must plan a budget or, less importantly, be able to enjoy it. Indeed, the price will depend mostly on the type of offer and services you want to enjoy. As a reference, the cost of renting a mobile home or a bungalow on a campsite is much higher than that of a teepee set up in the middle of the trees (650 euros for the mobile home and 400 euros for the bungalow against 200 euros for the teepee). The geographical location can also have an impact on the price (beach, tourist village, private land, etc.).

That’s it! You now have the necessary information to help you choose between these vacation options. However, if you still can’t decide between glamping and traditional camping, there is still 5-star camping which is another interesting alternative. With family or friends, you can always enjoy a wide variety of services and fun activities by choosing this option.

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