7 Fantastic Activities To Do in Capetown

From street art to penguin watching, Cape Town is a city that offers a great variety of activities. It is also an exciting city to stay in for a few days if you are an

From street art to penguin watching, Cape Town is a city that offers a great variety of activities. It is also an exciting city to stay in for a few days if you are an art lover or if you are interested in history. This blog will show you 6 cool activities you can do in Cape Town.

1) Appreciate Contemporary Art at the Mocaa Museum of Art

One of the museums you will find in Cape Town is the MOCAA Museum. Its unique architecture alone is worth a visit. As soon as you enter, you will notice the high-ceilinged halls and elevators. In the museum, visitors can see exhibitions of various artists.

2) Good Restaurants in Cape Town Grand Café Africa & Misfits

If you want to enjoy food on the beach, Grand Café Africa is the place to go. The restaurant specializes in seafood, and the lounge area offers cocktails. The Misfits restaurant is located in Cape Town. The restaurant is housed in a renovated old factory and provides various dishes. The restaurant also hosts regular events, and there is even a golf simulator!

3) Colorful Malay-Style Houses in the BO Kaap District

There are several colorful houses in the Bo Kaap district. This photogenic area was once called the Malay Quarter. The reason it is called the Malay Houses is that the rich history of the area colors it: during the era of slavery in the 18th century, it was forbidden to wear colored clothing. After slavery was abolished, residents chose to paint their homes bright colors, which is why there are so many colorful houses in the area. If you like to cook, this is also a convenient place to buy herbs for cooking or to do a cooking workshop!

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4) Beer Tasting at Darling Brew

Darling Brew is located in the charming neighborhood of Woodstock. This neighborhood of alternative cafes, street art, and artsy stores is a great place to enjoy beer tastings. Darling Brew brews several specialty African beers. For example, in 2021 Darling Brew won the Cape Awards for Best Local Beer. After or during the tasting, visitors can enjoy lunch or dinner in the café. Ideal for true lovers of specialty beers.

5) Discover Street Art in the Woodstock District

If you are a fan of street art, the Woodstock district is the place to be. You can discover street art on your own or work with a guide to design your own mural.

6) Spot Penguins Along the Coast in the Stony Point Nature Reserve

South Africa is famous for its safaris, where you can see lions, elephants, giraffes, and other wild animals, but you can also see penguins in Cape Town. If you follow the coastal route, you will pass through the Stony Point Nature Reserve. Along the coast, you can see several penguins. Several groups can be seen on the dunes and the beach. The most famous place to see penguins around Cape Town is Boulders Beach, which is very popular and crowded. Stony Point Nature Reserve is less well-known and very quiet. The coastal route is also highly recommended. On this route, you will pass several breathtaking viewpoints as well.

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7) Hike Lion’s Head Mountain

If you don’t mind a little hiking and like beautiful viewpoints, climb to the top of Lions Head, between Signal Hill and Table Mountain in Cape Town. Lion’s Head is located at an altitude of nearly 700 meters and is called so due to its distinctive shape. This area, which is in the heart of Cape Town has no houses and a “remote” feel. It is also one of the most beautiful views of Table Mountain.

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