Discovering Wildlife in Pantanal, Brazil

A visit to the Brazilian Pantanal is guaranteed to provide you with a unique experience in a special part of the world. Especially since the northern part of the Pantanal is the best place in

A visit to the Brazilian Pantanal is guaranteed to provide you with a unique experience in a special part of the world. Especially since the northern part of the Pantanal is the best place in the world to see jaguars. While many travelers visit Campo Grande and Bonito in the south, you can discover the north in just one week. You will drive through the wetlands,  encounter a variety of extraordinary animals, and enjoy snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of Nobles. The public has not yet discovered these pearls of the north. Therefore, the information available on the Internet is quite limited. Here are some tips to help you out!

1) Driving in Transpantaneira

Cuiaba is the ideal starting point for a trip to the northern Pantanal: in 1.5 hours you will reach Pocone, where the real adventure of the Pantanal begins. The “Transpantaneira” is located on the edge of this village. This dirt road begins in Pocone and leads to Porto Jofre (the center of the swamp), 150 km away. There is no gas station in Transpantaneira, so it is important to refuel in Pocone.

The paved road becomes a dusty dirt road that continues for about 1 km. Because it dead-ends, it is unlikely to encounter other traffic. Eventually, you will encounter your first caiman, great blue macaws and toucans. But along the way, you will also encounter capybaras, the largest rodents in the world. You will soon realize that this is a unique land. Keep your eyes peeled for a rare tapir that might cross the road. So, ensure that your camera is fully charged. Don’t forget to look up occasionally because all kinds of birds will pass by. Pantanal is also a bird-watching paradise.

2) Overnight Stay In Beautiful Pousada (Meals and Guided Tour Included)

On the way, you will pass several lodges (pousada) where you can stay overnight. You can also book your night stay at Pousada Rio Claro, which is highly recommended. Accommodations include all meals and tours. You can go on safaris by boat or on foot, or explore the swamps on horseback, a truly “pantaneiro” experience. Highlights: There is a beautiful pool overlooking the nature reserve

3) Wildlife Viewing in Portojofre

End the day with a beautiful sunset, sleep in the middle of the Pantanal and wake up to the sound of birds. It is a delight, and after two nights, you can continue your journey to Porto Jofre, the final stop of the Transpantaneira. It is worth mentioning that on the way, you will be going deeper and deeper into the swamp. The deeper you go, the more the environment resembles a jungle.

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4) Environment Nobres

From this point on, the country turns into a hilly area with all kinds of scenery to enjoy. Driving for 3 hours in this area is certainly not a punishment!

Those who know Bonito in the south of the Pantanal know you can snorkel there in crystal clear water. You can do exactly that in the village of Bom Jardim. Located near Nobres, it is about a two-hour drive from Cuiaba. Grab a snorkel, dive into the ocean, and soon find yourself in an aquarium. Let the river flow by and enjoy the underwater world under the guidance of a guide. If luck is on your side, you may even get to see freshwater stingrays.

In Bon Jardim, time seems to stand still. There are no European debit or credit card ATMs and few tourists. The important thing is to bring enough cash. This is because you need cash to visit Lagoa das Araras, not to mention snorkeling. The latter is a lagoon full of palm trees and blue and yellow macaws. It is a beautiful place, especially at sunset!

Have you ever been to any of these places? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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