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Phone calls don’t always go through to the prospect or even a gatekeeper. Reps are going to encounter the voicemail inbox many times during the day. This question can give you insight into how the

Phone calls don’t always go through to the prospect or even a gatekeeper. Reps are going to encounter the voicemail inbox many times during the day. This question can give you insight into how the candidate turns a negative (no connection) into an opportunity. This question helps you know candidates who can introduce themselves quickly, establish rapport, and use a positioning statement to instigate a response.

sales development representative interview questions

Your ability to articulate the sales process demonstrates your knowledge of the industry and your preparedness for the role. Utilizing CRM software and tracking sales performance are crucial for effective sales process management. Sales reps in small businesses acquire new customers through prospecting, generating leads, conducting effective sales presentations, and targeting potential prospects with the company’s products or services. Your main objective is to acquire new customers by identifying and targeting potential prospects.

Startup Sales Representative

Watch this 90-second video to learn how thousands of organizations use the sales development representative interview questions above on Spark Hire. To help you identify and hire the best sales developement representatives faster and more effectively, we put together a few interview questions and tips. With so many clients to attempt to manage at once, it’s inevitable there will be conflicts. A successful sales development representative candidate will be able to intuit which of their responsibilities to prioritize and what can be moved around without creating a problem. Any great sales development representative will have some particularly exciting leads under their belt, which were big wins for their company. A strong candidate should be able to understand what went right in generating these leads, while also being able to recognize areas for improvement.

sales development representative interview questions

These platforms often feature interviews with experts who share their experiences and strategies for success. Additionally, I attend networking events, webinars, and conferences to expand my professional network and gather insights into potential leads. Motivation is key for any sales role, as the nature of the job often involves highs and lows.

“What are some words or phrases you think would resonate with our target customer?”

You’ll find out if the candidate knows the role of content in building relationships, establishing credibility, and beginning sales conversations. Look out for reps who mention that they listen to understand a prospect’s needs before asking questions. While this technically isn’t a question, assessing whether the candidate can effectively demonstrate a concept or process is essential. With this question, you can gauge the candidate’s level of preparation and understanding of the industry. It also shows if the candidate learns from renowned industry leaders and publications.

  • This question shows candidates who use data to back up their communication skills and move prospects down the sales pipeline without being sales-y.
  • This question assesses a candidate’s ability to see loss as a learning experience.
  • That being said, an SDR’s day-to-day involves a lot of repetitive tasks in pursuit of a higher objective.
  • This question shows candidates who can identify excellent icebreakers, create a positive atmosphere for prospects, and personalize communication.
  • If the candidate was able to keep their cool under pressure, they’re likely well-equipped to field objections and handle rejection as an SDR.

Seeing what challenges have impacted the potential SDR helps to uncover areas that he/she may struggle with. If the issues persist after employment, they can form a basis for the sales manager’s coaching. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, but SDRs that show competence in these areas will better qualify for the role. They will also highlight which tools/methods they leverage at various stages. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

How would you approach a short sales cycle differently than a long sales cycle?

The process to interview an inside sales representative should include preliminary and late-stage interviews. Often, hiring teams begin with a brief phone screen to gauge a potential inside sales representative’s communication skills over the phone. Open positions for sales development representatives are commonly in the tens of thousands. This position is a natural progression for reps in sales and due to the nature of the competition for top talent in this role, it’s imperative that your hiring process is built for speed and accuracy. Hiring a sales development representative can be tricky, as candidates often come from a range of backgrounds and experiences. But with the right interview questions, you can make the best hiring decisions.

sales development representative interview questions

If you eventually hire them, you can begin coaching around these areas. This question discovers how the candidate uses clients’ disapprovals to improve themselves and the sales process. Since SDRs are often the first point of contact a potential customer has with your organization, they must have the right personality and sales skills-set to serve the customer professionally. At TalentMesh, we’ve conducted deep research with industry professionals to understand exactly what makes a great Sales Development Representative.

What skills are important for a sales representative in a small business?

In contrast, outbound sales involve generating new leads that are “cold” because they have not shown any explicit interest in your product/service. In this article, you’ll find 26 interview questions to help you hire a sales development representative. Along with general questions for a sales development representative, you’ll also find questions for related competencies, including perseverance, intuition, and humility.

This question helps you assess a candidate’s ability to communicate, present product information clearly, and convince prospects to buy. Get insight into how they approach and maintain prospect relationships. Communicating over email or via the occasional voicemail is table stakes.

How does a sales representative contribute to the growth and profitability of a small business?

This question allows the candidate to provide insights into valuable lessons learned. This might seem like a huge ask, but the answer illustrates your candidate’s values and motivations. Asking a candidate to describe their ideal manager shows you how autonomous they are, how they approach working relationships, and how they overcome challenges. Look for a candidate who can work independently and is comfortable taking direction from their higher-ups. You’d also want to know if their previous employer had a culture that was inclusive or accepting of people from different backgrounds.

You can identify candidates with a heightened sense of ownership and those who know how to get things done without supervision. Here, you’ll assess the candidate’s ability to balance and prioritize tasks. It also shows if the candidate is more of a sales hunter, farmer, or trapper. The best applicants can mention concepts they recently learned and explain how they’ll apply this knowledge to improve results.

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