10 types of tourist you come accross all the time

When it comes to traveling, we all have our quirks! Well, some are just more weird than others. Do the following types of tourist seems familiar to you? Keep on reading! The one always clicking

When it comes to traveling, we all have our quirks! Well, some are just more weird than others. Do the following types of tourist seems familiar to you? Keep on reading!

The one always clicking pictures

There is always one tourist who is walking around with their DSLR hanging around their neck. They are going to cherish each and every moment of their trip and capture them into their gadgets. It does not matter if they don’t know how to use the camera properly or end up clicking more pictures with their phone. Since they paid a lot of money for the DSLR, they ought to show off a bit and will bring it on every other trip. Keep your eyes open, there might be one around you right now!

The Budget Traveller

You will always come across a tourist who likes to travel within their budget limits. These are people who always book their flights in advance and look for the cheapest tickets. They will not bother to pay extra money for legroom on a 12-hour flight. These tourists will not hesitate to stay in tiny apartments or sharing space with strangers in a motel. Their motto is to travel more and more places within limited budgets.

The solo free spirit

The free-spirited is always seen with a backpack which carries all the necessities rather than useless heavy suitcases. They go wherever they feel like and are always open for a new adventure. For them, making plans is a hassle, so they just book any flight out of the blue and set out where the wind takes them. Traveling solo is never an issue for them and they always end up meeting a lot of new people and going back home with plenty of new friends and memories.

The one in search of new cultures

Some tourists love to travel to different countries to experience vivid types of cultures. These people are known as cultural tourists. They prefer to visit countries with rich backgrounds and deep historical values. The first places that they will visit will definitely be landmarks. The cultural tourists end up attending all important festivals and ceremonies to experience people’s beliefs and practices.

The Selfie King / Queen

Well, this one of favorite! Since they have brought a selfie stick, they will never travel without it. You will always find some tourist clicking selfies with locals, taking pictures of their feet nearby the sea, of their hands holding a drink or with famous monuments. All these tourists do is clicking pictures all through the trips.

The one who travel only in luxury

These tourists only travel in first class or at least business class. The only reason they will travel in cattle class is when they have no other option. These luxury travelers are only going to rent out room from 4-star hotels. They are often spotted with 4 to 5 suitcases as traveling light is not in their dictionary. Shopping is always on the top of their list as they end up with extra kilos of additional luggage.

The Food Lover

Trips are never complete without the foodies. There is always one who is keen to travel only to taste the different kinds and types of food. They are always ready to try a new cuisine whether they have to use a chopstick or banana leaf. These people avoid eating stuff that they could find in their hometown. They are on a trying new food adventure and will eat anything and everything. Food is just a major part of their trip.

The one who always manage to get lost

There is always one who has a map but always manages to get lost. They will never remember which bus or route to take to get back to their hotel. You always find them looking unsure and searching for someone reliable to tell them the way. But all ends that end well, they always manage to find their way back by asking their way out.

The one who does not like to travel alone

These tourists love traveling but they are not keen to travel alone. They always tag along with people who go with their friends instead of going on a solo trip. But the good thing is that these people are never fussy about destinations and things to do as their motto is to travel.

The nature adventurer

These tourists are completely in love with nature and enjoy being outdoors. Their idea of travel includes hiking and cycling. Staying in a luxury hotel is never appealing to them. Their mode of traveling should be more than traveling by plane as they are ready to go on long trips on local buses and trains. They would rather climb a mountain than chilling by the pool.

Can you relate to any of these tourists?

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