Why Eating is Always the Best Part of Traveling?

With the evolution of technology and the success of making the world a global village, traveling has become an important goal in many people’s lives. Some travel for fun, others for showing off their pictures

With the evolution of technology and the success of making the world a global village, traveling has become an important goal in many people’s lives. Some travel for fun, others for showing off their pictures on Instagram and earn some followers but some people like me always travel for food.

While planning your holidays, if you will find yourself googling for eateries or restaurants near your hotel first, you are officially a food traveler. When social media started to evolve, food started to become a good reason to travel. While you look for all the delicious dishes which is found in other countries, you just want to book a ticket and grab them to taste. There is no doubt that culinary culture always comes with benefits and develop your taste buds.

While there are many other reasons associated with travel such as sightseeing, meeting new people, learning a new language and culture, the best and memorable part will always be food. You would never have thought that different areas of the world would have so many dishes and flavors to offer to its guests. From ancestral food to modified famous dishes, there is always something new and fun to taste. Possibilities are endless.

Below are some reasons why traveling for food is never a bad idea!

1. You get to collect new recipes and spices to try at home

While visiting a new country and discovering new spices and flavors, you get to go home with your newly found knowledge. The best part of traveling is staying with the locals and learning how they make their traditional dishes. You can learn how to make your favorite one from them.

Once back home, use your spices and knowledge, to repeat the recipe. So what if it does not taste as it did back there, the most important thing is that you learned something new. If you are passionate about cooking, the kitchen is the best place where you can make your friends travel to many countries when they visit your place. So get started guys!

2. You discover food which you never knew existed

You would never get to try some food if you keep always stay in your comfort zone. There are so many dishes around the world which are waiting to be tasted. Traveling really open your eyes and taste buds to new flavors which you have been missing out on.

While I was in Poland, I was lucky enough to get to try the famous pierogis which is a traditional Polish dish. It is a dumpling which is filled with meat and vegetables. Trust me when I say that those dumplings taste heavenly. It is seriously the best that I have ever tasted. Discovering new food is a reason enough to motivate yourself to travel more.

3. Food brings family, friends and even strangers together

There’s no happier moment that finding people who are as passionate about food than you are. You can choose to travel with a buddy or a family member who share the same love of food as you do. Food strengthens your bond. You can contemplate on which food you want to try next or what cool restaurant you want to go to while you are on vacations.
Nothing is better than striking up a conversation with a stranger over the dish that they are having. You end up making new friends and try something which you never heard about.

4. Enjoy food that you consume at home cooked in a new way

Have you ever thought that even the food that you eat at home can taste different if you try it in another country! Eating new food is fun, but eating the same food that you have tasted so many times in a whole new flavor is another feeling.

You will find your hometown within you even if you are miles apart. When you are trying your daily food in a different country, it will always seem like you are trying new food due to its different texture and taste. For example, the cheese you buy in your local grocery store and the ones you find in France will never taste similar.

5. Food tells a lot about the country’s culture

You can easily tell a lot about a country and what do these people value the most based on their food. For example in Costa Rica, simplicity is greatly valued as all their main dishes are simple meals with rice, sweet plantains and any meat that you want may it be beef, chicken or fish. The country and people are renowned for their simplicity. You can expect only the freshest produce from them.

On the other hand, France is known for being classy. Crispy bread, fine cuts of meat, expensive décor accompanied by sparkling wine. Even their dessert is mesmerizing.

People tend to share what they value the most through their food. Be open to discover their culture!

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