Tips to Keep your Gut Healthy while Traveling

Do you suffer from gastrointestinal issues or does stress makes your gut feel uncomfortable? Well, I just feel the same way too. While you are trying to multitask at the airport, it starts with trying

Do you suffer from gastrointestinal issues or does stress makes your gut feel uncomfortable? Well, I just feel the same way too. While you are trying to multitask at the airport, it starts with trying to make it up to the airport on time, checking in, rushing through airport security, keeping an eye on your luggage and so on. In this situation, it is easier to grab fast food and forget to keep yourself healthy.

If you hate using public airport toilets, it is essential to keep your gut flora healthy. We would all like to travel at ease without feeling any discomfort in our abdomen through bloating or passing on gas in the plane. The latter will cause a nuisance for you and other passengers as well.

Traveling means to experience other food, being away of a routine which often leads to digestive issues as your body undergoes a change in their routine diet. While your body will be exposed to germs and bacterias, it is preferable to take precautions beforehand to keep your flora healthy and strong.

  • Drink Water. Lots and lots of water.

Drinking a lot of water keeps you healthy any day. You are more likely going to forget to drink water while you are in traveling mode. Before you embark on your journey, but a water bottle that you can carry in your backpack. It is important to keep yourself hydrated when you are on a trip.

While you are on the plane, artificial air will replace natural oxygen which can make you feel a bit sick, in this case, it is better to drink up your water. You can opt to have coconut water, herbal teas or fresh juices as well.

  • Always keep your probiotics handy

Probiotics are very effective for people who suffer from digestive issues. By consuming a probiotic supplement every day, it helps to keep your flora healthy. Your gut might easily get uncomfortable while you are traveling. Most of the time you get limited food options and being stressed also makes you dehydrate.

In order to stay healthy, it is recommended that you carry your probiotics with you all the time. While you are in another country, you can always eat yogurt every day if you are out of probiotics.

  • Try alternative probiotic solutions

Even though, yogurt and Kombucha are considered to be healthy probiotics options and easy to grab and go while preparing your travel meals. However, there are a lot of alternatives which can help keep your gut healthy.

You can have chia seeds, hot water with lemon, magnesium or Chlorophyll tablets which are also good to keep your digestive system going. They really help things moving down there. I can assure you that you will feel your best even while traveling.

  • Plan your diet properly

If you are packing snacks for your traveling purposes, it would be good to keep things simple: Opt for dark leafy snacks or dried fruits. They always save you when you are out of options. It would be advisable to pack a snack bag instead of having an airport or airplane food. If you suffer from gastrointestinal issues such as IBS or IBD, it would be safer to read about all the things you can eat or not before embarking. Remember that it is always better to cautious than regret it later. Keep away from sugary or sodium-heavy kinds of stuff as it will make you want to pee all the time as well.

When you are prepared to travel with healthy snacks, you are less likely to think about the odds. Plus you are all good if your flight gets delayed. Always be prepared!

  • Take care of your sleep pattern

When you change atmospheres, it can be very difficult to fall asleep. Yet, it is important to rest so that you won’t suffer from the effects of jet lag. Your body can mess up with your bowel movements when you change time zones. If you lack a proper rest, you are out for some serious discomfort. Sleep disruption is a major cause for an unhealthy gut and it increases your stress level which ultimately leads to poor digestion. So, better take some rest!

  • Manage your stress

Stress is very bad for you especially when you are traveling as it disturbs your digestive along with your circulatory and respiratory systems. While it is easier to manage your stress at home, by sitting and relaxing, you can practice some meditation by listening to some recordings or affirmation cards. You can control your mind and breathe with the help of some portable alternatives.

  • Practice some post-plane yoga

Make sure that you stretch often. A little exercise is good for your muscles and for a good gut flora as well. Consider getting a yoga mat to bring along with you.

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