Why is it Good to Have a Travel Buddy?

I read a lot of articles whereby the authors or bloggers kept on encouraging readers to enjoy the bliss of solo traveling. Traveling alone at least once in your life is an exceptional adventure. It

I read a lot of articles whereby the authors or bloggers kept on encouraging readers to enjoy the bliss of solo traveling. Traveling alone at least once in your life is an exceptional adventure. It is recommended for everyone to embark on this fulfilling experience, however having someone to travel with you can prove to be very beneficial. Just like traveling solo, even traveling with a buddy has its pros and cons.

It can turn into a wonderful experience if you get a good travel mate. Below are some reasons why it is better to have a buddy to travel with you.

1. Having a travel companion can prove to be very cost effective as you have someone to share the costs with such as cab fare, meals, accommodation. You end up paying less for almost everything.

2. Imagine getting sick while traveling alone and you get so weak that you cannot even move to go and get medicines or buy food. During those times, it is good to have someone to take care of you.

3. You have someone to take those candid pictures of you. No need to use a tripod or ask any random stranger to take your photo which is less stressful, as you are not worried about getting your camera stolen. On top of that, you will not feel shy to ask for re-takes in case you do not like the angles or the picture is blurry.

4. You also get someone to do silly poses with. It is easier to convince people that it is kind of a tradition when two foreigners are doing the exact kind of crazy poses.

5. Traveling with a mate also means having a wing (wo) man during your crazy night-outs.

6. It is always great to have someone to share your traveling moments with. Especially when you see a picturesque scene and have been shouting “ Just look at this beautiful scene” for 100 times.

7. You know that you have someone to laugh with you when you come across absurdities through the trip. You can giggle alone while seeing some half-naked men acting crazy but by doing it with someone make you look less crazy.

8. Have ever felt like you are being followed or just felt negative while you are traveling? When you have a travel buddy, you have someone to validate those feelings so that you know that you are not the only one feeling paranoid.

9. The best moment that you feel blessed to have a travel buddy is when you have been walking for hours with your backpack and dead tired. At that moment, having someone to motivate you is the best feeling ever.

10. Having your valuables or money stolen while you are away from home is a tragic experience, however, when you are traveling with someone reliable, you know they have your back and lend you money when you need it.

11. Someone to calm you down when you are being hyperactive or freaking out especially when you are being surrounded by hawkers or agents who want to fool you. They remind you that no matter what, you are in a foreign land and need to be careful.

12. Another reason to bring a travel companion along is if your camera or memory card gets lost, you can always retrieve the copies of the photos from your buddy.

13. If you really love to sing, having a companion could be great fun as you have someone to sing along. You can even duet together.

14. Let’s admit that sometimes we need someone to boost some adrenaline in us. Find a travel companion who will boost your sense of adventure when you feel scared of trying some new or daring such as bungee jumping.

15. Most importantly, you need someone who will take you home after you get too drunk to even walk.

16. Having a travel buddy also helps to convince your mom that you are safe especially when she knows that the places you are planning to visit are not safe.

17. It is always a good idea to have someone to share clothes and toiletries, so even though if you forgot to bring something, you know you can trust them to lend you.

18. We all agree that at some point when you are traveling, you feel tired and want to take a nap. The best part is that with a travel buddy, you can just lay your head on their shoulders and even drool. They will not be judging you.

19. Traveling with someone who you plan to spend the rest of your life with gives you an insight into how they really are.

20. Last but not least, let’s just admit that it is always fun when you have someone to travel with.

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