How to bear with Jet Lags

Jet lags can be a real issue for people who constantly travel for long hours. While some people barely notice any symptoms, others have a great pain to deal with jet lag issues. As a

Jet lags can be a real issue for people who constantly travel for long hours. While some people barely notice any symptoms, others have a great pain to deal with jet lag issues. As a chronobiological problem, jet lag is the disbalance of your body clock. When people travel long distances, their body clock will temporarily be out of sync until it adapts to the new destination’s time. Our body has to undergo a lot of changes to adapt to the new system of dawn and dusk.

This desynchronization not only affects our sleep, but it also changes our eating habits, body temperature, blood pressure, hormone regulation, and others. It is basically a lag time between our body clock and the place that we are now at. It is all about that feeling when you wake up early in the morning after a long flight and you are aware that it is still dark out there but your mind is not agreeing with you. It is a whole argument between your mind, body and the new place.

After years of debating with jet lag issues, we have come up with a few solutions which might help you deal with it. So far, it has worked for me, I hope that it will be a good deal for you as well.

I have found a good number of tips which after analyzing and testing, truly works best for me. You might want to try my tips to see if they make your jet lag more bearable.

  • Cut off blue light exposure at night

In this modern world, we are too much exposed to artificial blue light which also acts as a daylight signaler to our minds. We are always using our phones, tablets or screens which emit blue lights every time. As well as, LEDs and fluorescent lighting also confuse our bodies. A study from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has summarized that people who use their IPad at night before going to bed take extra time to fall asleep. By avoiding blue light especially when you are in a jet lag situation is the best way to synchronize your body clock. It will help you to sleep better and be more alert in the morning.

Below are some ways you can restrict blue light at night :

• You can download F.lux on your laptops or computer which will help to block blue light from your screen at sunset based on your location. It is a free program and will act like pillows for your eyes. 
• You can use night shift mode on your iPhone or iPad or if you are an Android user, you can download the Twilight app. 
• You might as well want to use a blue blocking glass if you are not very familiar with apps. 
  • Use a proper dose of melatonin

When you are in a jet lag situation, a little dose of melatonin can help you rearrange your sleeping schedule. At night our melatonin increases and is dropped at dawn. When you are experiencing jet lag, there is a complete disbalance in your melatonin system, that is why you can buy them from your local pharmacy or on Amazon. You can as well ask your doctor before taking a dosage.

  • Morning light and morning exercise

When you are in a new time zone, a little bit of working out in the morning might help you immensely. If you find yourself awake at night, don’t work out as it will prevent you from sleeping as exercise is known to get your blood flowing and waking you up more. During the initial days of jet lags, it is important that you expose yourself to the natural morning light. Even if it means to open a window and sticking your head out, it will remind your body that it is actually day time.

  • Minimize your jet lag period by shifting to your time zone even before reaching your destination

Jet lags happen after you land, but however, by being smarter, you can reduce this by practicing your time zone a week before your departure. Start by putting your clock at the time the same as your destination. That way your body gets time to adapt to a new time zone even before arriving there.

  • Meal and alcohol limitations

To limit your jet lag effects, it is important to take your meals on time. Make sure that you eat at the same time you used to as eating at odd hours might signal your body that you are not where you actually are. You can pop a glucose table in order to keep your body on schedule. You can opt to have alcohol on the plane while it helps you to entertain yourself on the flight, it will not help you with the jet lags.

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