How to Make Long Flights More Comfortable

Imagine that you have a 22 hours time of traveling from one country to another. As much as travel may seem like a blessing, long flights can be annoying and frustrating. Sitting on a plane

Imagine that you have a 22 hours time of traveling from one country to another. As much as travel may seem like a blessing, long flights can be annoying and frustrating. Sitting on a plane for 22 hours with children screaming and listening to the roar of the airplane’s engine is an awkward situation. On top of that, there is a severe jet lag which is waiting for you at the end of your journey. A poorly planned journey not only ruins one day but a few upcoming ones as well.

Fortunately, there are some ways to make a long flight bearable. Long flights are not something that you should dread as there are many ways you can enjoy them if you plan your things well and carry things which will make the time pass or help you sleep.

Below are some tips which you can follow :

  1. Power up

Always make sure that you carry all your chargers with you so that you can keep all your devices power up during your flight. On top of that, it would not hurt if you bring some extra batteries or an external charging device such as a power bank in case the flight you are in does not provide electrical outlets. A small tip I would give is to always carry your chargers organized in a portable carrying case which you can find online.

  1. Pack a pillow

You will find a lot of pillows on the market. Always choose one which is comfortable for you as you have to use it for long hours. You might want to try it a few days prior to your trip. In addition to that, not all airlines provide blankets so you might want to bring your own. Always carry a sweater if you are sensitive to the cold. For the ladies, there are blanket scarves available on the market.

  1. Load your devices

A few days before your flight, it would be recommended that you fill all your devices with games, movies, television shows, music, books, and the airline app just in case that’s how they stream their entertainment. These tricks are going to be very useful during the flight.

  1. Wear comfortable clothes

The temperature on the plane is not comfortable for everyone. While some might be cold others will feel warm. That is why it is better to be prepared by wearing some comfortable clothes on a long flight. You might also want to pack some extra sweaters just in case the temperature changes on the plane. Do not forget to pack some cozy socks too.

  1. Sleeping pills

The key to surviving on a long flight is to be able to get some sleep. You can opt to take a sleeping pill if you want to have a relaxed trip. Make sure that you consult your doctor before taking any kind of medications.

  1. Don’t forget your eye mask

Eye masks help you to sleep by blocking all the light. If you don’t want to use the cheap and stinky masks that the airlines offer you, choose to bring your own.

  1. Noise-cancellation headphones and soft music

Noise cancellation headphones are going to be of great help if there is a screaming baby or people talking loudly around you. Earplugs are surely not going to helpful. Just plug in your noise cancellation headphones and play some soft music or an audiobook. Anything that can help to put you to sleep.

  1. Pack anti-bacterial wipes

Since we all know that planes can be dirty and full of germs. You can use antibacterial wipes to wipes off your seat belt, seat back tray and armrest to minimize your risk of picking up germs. A sanitized area will help you feel more relaxed.

  1. Bring some games or something to read

If you are an old school and traveling with someone, carry some games with you. My favorite is a travel scrabble. If you are not a fan or tech gadgets, carry your newspaper, book or magazine. Everyone needs to read something to pass the time.

  1. Bring snacks and water

Even on a long flight, you would want to eat and drink according to your own schedule not the one of the flight crew’s. Pack some snacks and bring some water after you are done with the security check. It is usually after 40 minutes that the crew serves food anyway.

  1. Choose your seats wisely

The best seat is always the one next to a window as you get something to lean against and you also don’t have to worry about your seatmates waking you up as they have to use the loo. If you are confident that you are not going to sleep at all, then book an aisle seat so that you can get up to stretch your legs.

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