8 Weird Restaurants Around the World

When you get to spend some quality times with your loved ones outdoor, restaurants are usually your very first choice. But have you ever wondered why restaurants are the best place? Well, except for the

When you get to spend some quality times with your loved ones outdoor, restaurants are usually your very first choice. But have you ever wondered why restaurants are the best place? Well, except for the food being one of the main reasons why people go to restaurants, there is also the décor and the ambiance. As weird as the world is becoming nowadays, there are restaurants that do get you on your feet because they ought to be discovered. These restaurants are one of their kind and people from all around the world visit them once in a while. So what better way to know more about these weird restaurants than a blog about them and where you can find them.

8. The Chillout Lounge, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Without any doubt, the UAE is undoubtedly a marvelous place on earth. It is everyone’s dream to travel to this amazing country and discover everything about it. Well, there is one place that you should not miss this place, or instead, a restaurant is the Chillout Lounge. Totally made of ice, this restaurant has everything freezing inside of it and surely will stun you from the beginning. Do plan well before going there as the cold might not work in your favor. Rest assured, jackets, gloves, and socks are all provided in order to survive the dining experience.

7. Ninja New York, New York City, US

If you are an avid black belt enthusiast, then a must visit to this restaurant should be on your list. This is the right place to take your friends and family who have always yearned to be a ninja. Found in New York, this high-end Japanese restaurant in the TriBeCa neighborhood is unexpectedly fantastic. If you are bored of normal waiters serving you, then Ninja New York’s waiter or ‘ninjas’ will stealthily serve you or surprise you when you least expect it. All food is prepared on high fire and in-between courses, the ninjas entertain you with magic tricks and knife demonstrations.

6. Devil Island Prison Restaurant, China

If you ever wanted to know how it feels to be in prison, then head to this restaurant in China, Devil Island Prison. You’re handcuffed and taken to your table, doing so they wanted their customers to experience what a life of crime would lead them to. This scares them away from ever doing anything that will land them in prison. This restaurant has grown quite popular over the years with similar theme restaurants opening in different countries. Well, in that restaurant, you will have the wait who are dressed in black and white striped jumpsuits!

5. Witches in Britches, Melbourne, Australia

As one of the quirkiest places in Melbourne, Witches in Britches is a theater restaurant and a must-visit place for those with a wicked sense of humor and a taste for good food. Centrally located, this restaurant is the perfect place to end a day out, in the city. Make sure that you are on your guard as there are surprises waiting for you around every corner. Oh also, the menu carries an assortment of delicious foods and cocktails that will turn your evening into a ‘Hocus Pocus’ one! Now you know where to spend this coming Halloween.

4. New Lucky Restaurant, Ahmedabad, India

Have you ever had this dream of eating with the dead, well visiting this restaurant in India would fulfill that idea! The New Lucky Restaurant is set up in an old Muslim graveyard. The owner, Krishnan Kutti, would prefer to have his clients eating with the dead than to disturb the dead. The graves are fenced off, and the inhabitants are unknown. Do visit this restaurant if you are willing to share your meal with the dead.

3. Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas, USA

This hospital-theme restaurant where the waitresses, read “nurses”, take orders, read “prescriptions” from the customers who don a hospital gown and wrist band before ordering and those who don’t finish their meal receive a paddling by one of the nurses. They also get the option to buy the paddle afterwards. The menu at Heart Attack Grill surrounds the theme of high calories and fat foods; it includes “singles” “double”, “triple”, “quadruple”, and all the way up to “Octuple Bypass” hamburgers. The most famous item on their menu is the quadruple bypass burger, which contains four beef patties and 20 slices of bacon. Don’t worry, the nurses make you feel better about hogging into all that food!

2. Twin Stars Diner, Moscow, Russia

Staffed entirely by identical twins, this restaurant was opened after the owner saw a film called “Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors”. Everyone in this restaurant dresses up in the same way as their twin. Similar to a traditional diner, this restaurant also carries menus that satisfy your taste buds.

1. Dans Le Noir, Paris, London, and Moscow

Gaining recognition for its quirky albeit significant take on food culture, this popular chain of restaurants was established by the duo Edouard de Broglie and Etienne Boisrond. They believe that food is best consumed when all the senses are at work. You are served by visually-impaired staff to make the concept look more realistic. It is one of the most recommended restaurants to visit for anyone who has never tried it before.

So which one of them looks tempting enough?

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