Corfu: 6 Landmarks You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

Is your love for travel starting to take over but you are not sure which country to visit during Covid-19? Corfu could be just what you need!  You will be able to have a safe

Is your love for travel starting to take over but you are not sure which country to visit during Covid-19? Corfu could be just what you need! 

You will be able to have a safe vacation in Greece’s greenest island. Corfu is listed as one of the safest travel places during the pandemic, and the country’s natural diversity, like the deep blue Ionian Sea and sandy beaches will leave you in awe. 

Whether you are traveling solo or in a group, Corfu is the perfect destination to relax and enjoy breathtaking sightseeing. 

Here are the landmarks that you won’t want to miss.

1. Corfu Old Town

The town has everything to charm you! It was inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2007 and is painted as a mix of traditional and modern cultures. The Old Town’s Venetian fortresses were mainly used for military grounds to protect the maritime trade of Venice from the Ottoman army.

Tourists like taking a stroll in the streets of Corfu Town to admire the Venetian architecture, but the site has more to offer. You can attend a variety of exhibitions held by museums and art galleries or enjoy the cosmopolitan ambiance of cafes and restaurants. 

 2. Vlacherna Monastery

It has been described as the emblem of Corfu! The Vlacherna Monastery, the unique building on the islet, was founded in 1685 as a women’s abbey and used until 1980. The whitewashed chapel is located in the middle of Kanoni Bay on a rocky islet accessible by foot while walking along the pier that connects the small island to the mainland. 

These days, you can light up a candle in the little church inside the monastery often used for celebrations and seize the opportunity to buy a souvenir from the gift shop.

3. Mouse Island

Also known as Pontikonisi, Mouse Island is a famous landmark of Corfu which is regularly visited by tourists. The island gets its name from its shape, as when it is viewed from afar, it looks like a mouse. 

On this tiny islet, you can admire the Byzantine Church of Pantocrator that was constructed in the 17th century. On the 6th of August, you even get to explore the Basilica as access to the monastery is restricted for the rest of the year.

4. Cape Drastis

If you are in search of magnificent scenery, the imposing and spectacular cliffs of Cape Drastis will spoil you. While it is not advisable to visit with kids because of its strong winds, you can, however, go there alone or with your partner to recharge your batteries and relax under the sun. 

You can reach Cape Drastis by jeep or foot, but tourists usually prefer to take the boat there.

5. Achilleion Museum

Now operating as a museum, Achilleion was a palace built in the 1890s under the empire of Queen Elizabeth of Austria. It is located in the South of Corfu in the village of Gastouri. You can take long walks among olive and lemon trees to enter the garden of the palace.

At the entrance of the mansion, you will be impressed by the ancient columns and statues. It is the ultimate place to visit in Corfu if you wish to experience the Classical Greece

6. Canal d’Amour

Canal d’Amour could be the 8th natural wonder of the world. Shaped by wind and sea, the sandstone masterpiece was eroded by nature to form the Channel of Love. The color palette created from the turquoise blue seawater and the yellow tones of the stone is definitely worth your time. 

Although you can choose to sit and admire the pristine landscape of Canal d’Amour, if you are traveling with your lover, you might want to swim in the Canal. In fact, according to the legend, couples swimming in the water together will remain in love forever!

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