8 Traditional Canadian Delicacies You Need To Try As An Expat

You are planning to realize your goal and dream! You’ve always dreamed of living in Canada and are now preparing to make it happen! While the idea of having a fresh new start in the

You are planning to realize your goal and dream! You’ve always dreamed of living in Canada and are now preparing to make it happen! While the idea of having a fresh new start in the Great White North sounds appealing with its hockey and cold winters, all the procedures and paperwork involved can be daunting. However, it does not have to be that difficult! You can simply leave all the hassle of obtaining your permanent residency to professionals and instead, focus on the delicious food you’ll get to enjoy once you’ve moved.

Here are 8 traditional Canadian dishes that you must taste as an expat:

1. Poutine

This is the number one dish that you have to try! Considered a Canadian classic, the Poutine combines crispy fries and fresh cheese curds, topped with a savory gravy. If you are a fan of cheese, you will be thrilled with its subtle mozzarella-like taste. While the original version is already delicious, you can add bacon pieces or smoked meat according to your preferences.

2. Peameal Bacon

If you are a fan of pork, the Peameal Bacon will become your go-to breakfast! Also known as a culinary gem of Canada, this flavorful course is prepared with lean and tender pork loin which is rolled in cornmeal. You can eat it as standard bacon or in a sandwich by pairing it with a Kaiser bun.

3. Bannock

You’ll be replacing regular bread with the Bannock. While it takes its origins from Scotland, this flat bread was later adopted by Canadian Aboriginal people. Usually made of wheat flour, you can taste a baked version which is dense and heavy. But if you crave for something more crispy that will still allow you enjoy the fluffiness of the crumb, we suggest that you try the fried Bannock.

4. Montreal Bagels

Every foodie knows that Montréal is the ideal destination to experience the best Canadian gastronomy. And Montreal Bagels are definitely part of the city’s delicacies. Boiled in honey water and always baked in wood-fire oven which gives them their crunchy crust, they differs from New-York bagels mainly thanks to their sweeter flavor and smaller size. Once you relocate, don’t wait long before trying this golden bread covered with sesame or poppy seeds!

5. Windsor- Style pizza

Pizza is all about mixing different textures, colors and flavors together. And the Windsor- Style Canadian pizza, originating from Windsor, Ontario, is the perfect combination. Its medium-thin crust is cooked with a fusion of shredded pepperoni and mushrooms, all garnished with oregano, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.

6. Caesar cocktail

Do you love sipping Bloody Marys? Hold your breath, you have to discover the Canadian version of this cocktail. The Caesar, also considered the national cocktail, is a blend of vodka, Worcestershire and Tabasco hot sauce and Clamato (a mix of tomato and clam juice). It is traditionally served in a large glass with a celery salt rim.

7. Saskatoon berry pie

Whenever you wish to have a sweet treat when residing in Canada, go for the Saskatoon berry pie! You’ll never get tired of its almondy and sweet taste. The special ingredients in this pie, which is often paired with a scoop of icecream, are the Saskatoon berries that look like blueberries while closely related to apples. Plus you also get to benefit from this superfood, high in antioxidants, fiber and protein.

8. Nanaimo bars

Chocolate lovers will be spoiled! The dessert, named after Nanaimo in British Columbia, Canada, consists of three layers. The base of the bar is made up of coconut crumbs, nuts and a wafer, flavored with custard icing in the middle while the dessert is topped with a heavenly melted chocolate ganache.

Do all these tempting Canadian delicacies make your mouth water to the point that you cannot wait to move there? Make it a piece of cake and contact an immigration consultant that will help you relocate easily to Canada!

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