Amazing Dishes From Around the World That You Can Totally Make at Home

With the restriction on traveling, the foodie in you might be experiencing some major wanderlust vibe, and while you can’t really hop on a plane right now, there is one way you can do so.

With the restriction on traveling, the foodie in you might be experiencing some major wanderlust vibe, and while you can’t really hop on a plane right now, there is one way you can do so. The way is to awaken the foodie in you and make a delicious dinner inspired by different cuisines worldwide. Travel around the world in these dishes without ever leaving your kitchen, from Canada to Australia, Mexico to Russia, and everywhere in between, let’s dive in!

1. Dhal

One of the most appealing aspects of Indian cuisine is that there are many vegetarian options – even the most carnivorous will not run out of meat. This is the case with dhal, an aromatic stew combining red lentils with spicy spices, accompanied by basmati rice and (if you have any) naan. A must in India and a must to cook at home. Recipe

2. Pierogies

These dumplings filled with cheese and mashed potatoes are synonymous with Poland and some of its Eastern European neighbors. They are a delight, especially when accompanied by sautéed onions and covered with a spoonful (or two) of sour cream. Try them, they are relatively easy to make, but they take a long time to prepare. Recipe

3. Empanadas

These baked slippers come in many forms, some of the most popular from Latin America, specifically Argentina. Recipes vary, but they are almost always stuffed with beef, onions, spices, olives, and hard-boiled eggs. Recipe

4. Tacos

Tacos, how we love you. We would count the means, but there are too many. Tacos, Mexico’s most iconic street food, are both fun and versatile: you can keep them simple or fill them to the brim. You can mix and match them. There’s something for every taste and desire. Recipe

5. Hummus

For something so simple, it’s surprisingly easy to get the hummus wrong. This chickpea spread with tahini, lemon, and garlic is a staple of the Middle Eastern table. Of course, you can dip raw vegetables in it, but it is most delicious when served with pita or spread on flatbread. Recipe

6. Drunken noodles

From pad Thai to pad see ew, Thailand serves some of the world’s most tempting noodle dishes. Drunken noodles, or pad kee mao, are deliciously spicy, sautéed broad rice noodles flavored with vegetables and sauces – each bite is more lively than the next. Recipe

7. Spanakopita

This Greek specialty, also known as spinach pie, is a phyllo dough stuffed with cheese and green – crispy, delicate, and a crowd-pleaser. Recipe

8. Pesto

The simple aroma of this blend of basil, garlic, pine nuts, and cheese can easily transport you to the Italian Rivieria. It is undoubtedly the best summer sauce for pasta, but pesto is delicious all year round. You can enjoy it with pasta (boil green beans and potatoes with the pasta to serve it traditionally), drizzled with minestrone, and much more on top of the focaccia. Recipe

9. Poutine

What is the ultimate comfort food for some is a staple for others, such as Quebec poutine, a portion of French fries topped with melted cheese and brown sauce. The perfect snack, the perfect meal, the perfect everything. Recipe

10. Mejadra

This rice preparation and lentils garnished with fried onions is a comforting food much appreciated in the Middle East and found in all Arab countries. The spices add an extra layer of strength and depth of flavor, making Mejadra one of the most satisfying dishes you’ve ever tasted. Recipe

11. Madeleines

The Madeleines are as much a part of France as they are of Proust. While the Parisian pastry is full of innovation and reinvention, there is something so French about Madeleines. Have one of these shell-shaped cakes for breakfast, with your afternoon tea, or whenever you like. There are, of course, several tasty iterations, but there is something about the standard that is so oh là là Recipe.

12. Lamington

The Lamington, Australia’s national cake, is a cube-shaped sponge cake covered with chocolate and topped with coconut shavings. Recipe

The Foodie in me calls for the Foodie in you!

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