6 Best Surfing Destinations in the World

For decades, the most adventurous surfers have been exploring our planet, searching for the best waves in the world. And thanks to them, there are now thousands of incredible surfing destinations waiting for us to

For decades, the most adventurous surfers have been exploring our planet, searching for the best waves in the world. And thanks to them, there are now thousands of incredible surfing destinations waiting for us to surf! Here’s a list of the top 5 destinations where you should surf at least once in your life!

1) Hawaii, United States

It isn’t easy to trace the origins of those who first rode the waves, but there is some consensus that the Hawaiian archipelago is their birthplace when it comes to modern surfing. The 50th state of the United States offers all kinds of waves. Still, Canoes, located in Honolulu’s famous Waikiki sector, stands out as one of the most representative and “friendly” surfing spots for all levels.

2) Sayulita, Mexico

The “jewel in the crown” of the Nayarit Riviera, Sayulita, is one of the world’s most famous surf spots. Once a peaceful fishing village, Californian surfers began visiting it in the 1960s to surf their waves. A good beach for surfers of all levels, although some avoid it during the fullest months. If you want to learn, it’s a good place to do it. You can also find a professional for classes. A two-hour class can cost about $40 in a group or $60 in private. Don’t forget to take pictures and videos of your first surfing experience!

Sayulita, hippy-chic Mexico on the Pacific coast | Mexico holidays | The  Guardian

3) Santa Cruz, United States

As immortalized in “Surfin’ USA,” The Beach Boys’ song, Santa Cruz is one of the emblematic beaches for surfing in the United States. In the late 19th century, three Hawaiian princes brought surfing to this region and impressed the locals. Since then, it has become one of the pillars of California culture. Beginners should go to Cowell’s and, if you are an expert, to Steamer Lane. To learn more about its history, you can take a tour of the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum on West Cliff Drive.

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4) Morocco

Morocco is an excellent, globally recognized surf destination. We could divide the coast into three parts:

-The northern part with spots like El Jadida, Bouznica, or Media is perfect to go during the summer months and enjoy mild temperatures and warm water.

-The center of the city is probably the most popular for its waves, which are recognized worldwide. Here we can find mythical surf spots like Anchor Point, Killers, Boilers, or Banana.

And if you are looking for peace and fewer people, the south of Morocco might be your best option. Spots like Sidi, Ifni, Mirleft are perfect for escaping from the crowds and outstanding opportunities if you travel in the winter months because the temperature is ideal at that time.

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5) Munich, Germany

There will always be someone who is looking for new experiences. For example, some surfers, who couldn’t wait until their vacation went to sea, decided that the Eisbach Canal was a good place to surf in the seventies. After many years of persecution of the daring river surfers, the city decided to legalize this practice. It is now customary for them to wait their turn to enjoy the waves, a side effect of a technical adaptation to soothe the water. If you are driving through Munich, visit the park where it is located – the Englischer Garten – it is a great show to see, and it is only advisable to try it if you are an expert.

Eisbach, Munich, Jardin À L'Anglaise, Planche De Surf

6) Kamchatka, Russia

Do you like surfing, but the tropical climate isn’t your thing? Visit Kamchatka. This unusual surf spot has gained attention and popularity since the video “Surf in Siberia” in 2014. In it, some daring surfers faced the low temperatures of this hard-to-reach coastal area in eastern Russia. With temperatures as low as -14 degrees Celsius, it’s not sure whether you should be an expert surfer or, better, a snowboard master.

Gone with the waves: Surfing in Kamchatka - Russia Beyond

Which place are you considering for your next surfing experience? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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