Famous Indian Restaurants From Around the World

In addition to its cultures and customs, India is widely known for its exquisite dishes and cuisine. Wherever Indians go, they thirst for the taste of authentic Indian food. There are restaurants worldwide that serve

In addition to its cultures and customs, India is widely known for its exquisite dishes and cuisine. Wherever Indians go, they thirst for the taste of authentic Indian food. There are restaurants worldwide that serve the best Indian cuisine with a taste of spices and masalas and make us feel at home. So here is the list of the best Indian restaurants around the world that serve authentic Indian food. Discover them!

1) Indus – London, England

This restaurant is located on the edge of Banstead. Indus has been designated as the “Best Indian Restaurant.” It is a beautifully designed restaurant that serves the best Indian chicken curry, which is its trademark. Most restaurants don’t offer much for vegetarians, but this restaurant offers the widest variety of vegetarian food to enjoy on the go.

2) Dawat – New York, United States

Dawat has received several awards for excellence in food and service. This long-established restaurant offers high-end Indian cuisine in a contemporary setting. New York Magazine called the restaurant “New York’s best and most creative.” Ms. Madhu Jaffery, the author of internationally acclaimed cookbooks, is the driving force behind this unique Indian cuisine experience. The authenticity and unique experience of Indian cuisine make this the most admired restaurant in New York.

3) Gymkhana – London, England

The Gymkhana is one of the trendiest new venues in London. This venue’s exclusivity was inspired by the Mumbai Gymkhana, which enjoys a high status in Mumbai. They serve the best tandoor roasts, sigri charcoal grills, and seasonal curries. There is a long queue outside this place on weekends, and you can’t get your reserved seats before and unless you are one of the restaurant’s customers!

4) Bombay Club – Washington

The Bombay Club is a former chic dining room serving fine Indian meals accompanied by live piano music. This gourmet restaurant evokes the exclusive clubs of the British Raj in India. The Bombay Club serves the most delicious Sev Puri, Tandoori salmon, and hot Naan. The atmosphere is calm, and the crowd of congress attendees, lawyers, media, etc., is its usual clientele.

5) Raga Restaurant – Canada

Raga Restaurant has been serving tandoori chicken, curry, and authentic Indian dishes for 30 years. It is located in the heart of Vancouver. This place has a friendly atmosphere, pleasant décor, and soft lighting. It has been ranked in the top 10 best Indian restaurants in the world. Many superstars have frequented this restaurant. The menu at Raga was designed by the famous chef Kapotra who cooked for the Nehru and Gandhi family.

6) Amaya – London

Amaya is another trendy Indian restaurant in London. It belongs to the Masala World Group. It is very well known for its exceptional cuisine, which subtly combines special Indian dishes, a unique atmosphere, and outstanding service. It is known for its excellent use of spices. Food is prepared and cooked in a tandoor or on a charcoal grill at the back of the room. If you visit this place, ask for a table near the open kitchen to view the action going on inside.

7) Amal in Armani – Dubai

Fresh and innovative regional cuisine is on the menu at Amal at Armani and a list of selected drinks and teas. Exotic curries and other specialties are prepared at the table, highlighting traditional cooking methods and ingredients. You can also enjoy a memorable dining experience with a breathtaking view of the downtown area and the Dubai Fountain.

8) Zaaffran – Sydney

Located on the waterfront at Darling Harbour, across Cockle Bay and King Street Wharf, Zaaffran is the best Indian restaurant in Sydney and renowned worldwide for its exquisite Indian cuisine. It serves authentic Indian cuisine, brilliantly presented with a breathtaking view of the city. Zaaffran’s cuisine uses exotic Indian herbs and spices to provide its guests with the best possible Indian experience.

9) Mysore Woodlands – Chicago

For the Chicago Indian community, all roads lead to Devon Avenue. Vegetarian Mysore Woodlands ranks among its many meat-centered neighbors, such as the Pakistani Sabri-Nihari institution. Order the Mysore Royal Thali- a seemingly bottomless dish topped with soup, vegetable cutlets, samosas, three different curries, and much more!

10) Punjabi Dhaba- Cambridge

A Dhaba is a roadside display frequented by truckers in India. The Punjabi Dhaba has long maintained a cult following a decidedly non-trucker crowd in Cambridge. Everyone, from students to hipsters to multi-generational Indian families, dines there. They flock to the counters to enjoy generous portions of chicken tikka masala and shahi paneer soaked in fat parantha.

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