Appetizers From Around the World

There are many ways that we can enjoy with friends and family around a table, including the infallible classic of inviting your loved ones home and offer them a good aperitif. To make things a

There are many ways that we can enjoy with friends and family around a table, including the infallible classic of inviting your loved ones home and offer them a good aperitif. To make things a bit more exciting, instead of the regular potato chips, you can prepare some yummy original appetizers from around the world.

Lacking inspiration? Not to worry! Below, we’ve gathered a few typical bites from different corners of the planet (in some cases, adapted to simpler versions) that are ideal for organizing a very international aperitif.

Mini Pizzas – Italy

A pizza is always a good idea, but mini pizzas are also a great way to nibble. In addition, you can have it prepared in advance, and keep them in the freezer so that you don’t have to waste time baking the night you are having guests over.

Crêpes – France

The term crêpes (very similar to pancakes) makes us travel directly to France and, perhaps, to the sweet world. But you have to remember that they can also be salty too. You can pair them with an endless number of ingredients. One yummy recipe is to fill your crêpes with tuna and sour cream.

Spiced Vegetable Samosas – India

Mixed Vegetable Samosa Recipe by Archana's Kitchen

Here, we suggest a vegetarian version of the famous Indian samosas. Crispy dumplings, fried or baked, they can be prepared with different fillings.

Salmon Makis – Japan

This variety of sushi is prepared by spreading the rice on sheets of dried seaweed, with fish, vegetables or fruit, rolling everything, and then cutting it into eight pieces. The salmon maki is perhaps, along with the tuna, the most popular and one of the favorites.

Jiaozi – China

Chinese Dumplings (Jiao Zi) Recipe

The jiaozi  (dumplings or dumplings Chinese) are small snacks made with cooked stuffed mass and steam. Among the most popular fillings are minced pork or minced beef, shrimp or fish mixed with cabbage, chives, egg, etc.

Bretzels – Germany

The bretzels (or pretzels) were created in Bavaria, and their name derives from bracellus, which in Latin means ‘little arm’, due to its shape, similar to that of two crossed arms. A wonderful and delicious combination would be to couple these traditional German bites with a rich mustard and chive cream.

Mini Hamburgers – USA

Mini hamburgers are an excellent option for a snack. They are eaten in two or three bites and, in addition, they are very showy. You can opt for a classic recipe, with beef, cheese, pickles, and ketchup sauce.

Chicken Tacos – Mexico

One of the most representative dishes of Mexican cuisine are tacos, made with wheat tortillas and stuffed corn, that are served with different types of sauces, usually with a spicy flavor. We suggest you make your own tacos, in a homemade version, with a barbecue sauce to which we add a touch of chili to give it the essential spark of Mexican cuisine.

Tomatoes Stuffed With Tabouleh – Middle East

Beef Tomatoes Stuffed With Tabbouleh - SuperValu

With a Middle Eastern flavor, this makes a perfect appetizer and is very simple to prepare. And the thing is that for its filling, you can use one of the most typical salads of this area: the refreshing tabouleh. Another plus: you can also prepare these tomatoes perfectly in advance.

Pan de Queijo – Brazil

This recipe is very popular in Brazil, and is eaten especially for breakfast, as a snack, or also as an aperitif. Cheese pieces of bread are made from cassava or tapioca starch together with some cheese. It is believed that it was the African slaves who came to the country who created this delicious preparation, which is gluten-free.

Have you tried making any other flavorful appetizer? Share the recipe in the comments below; we would love to try it too!

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