10 Breathtaking Romantic Spots in Toronto

Apart from being popular to obtain Permanent Residency, Canada is full of romantic places for lovey doveys to spend quality time and fell even more in love with each other. So, whether you are looking for

Apart from being popular to obtain Permanent Residency, Canada is full of romantic places for lovey doveys to spend quality time and fell even more in love with each other. So, whether you are looking for a mysterious garden or a historic location to express your love, these ten incredible spots in Toronto show some of the romantic varieties that exist throughout the city.


#1. Casa Loma

Casa Loma history (Toronto's castle on the hill) – Bright Lights of America

There is no better place to choose from the gorgeous and romantic offer than Casa Loma. Toronto’s only castle is a maze of towers and intricately decorated rooms and suites, stables and tunnels. The plaster is based on a beautiful garden, which is bright in spring and summer, and the conservatory fountain is a remarkably romantic place to be. Casa Loma also serves as a beautiful and popular wedding venue for a complete romantic treatment.


#2. Distillery District

The Distillery District is another romantic getaway with a historic twist with its cobbled streets and Victorian architecture. This neighbourhood has a pleasant sense of Europe from some angles, making it a famous start-up photo. Take your partner for a meal at one of several nearby restaurants, watch a game at the Soulpepper Theater, and then offer it under the well-known Gooderham & Worts brand. When your partner says yes, you can add your lock to Distillery’s LOVE installation – the last romantic touch to the perfect offer.


#3. High Park

Toronto High Park Engagement Photos | Natural Romantic Outdoor

Toronto’s favourite park is a lovely nature park for spring or summer. With winding paths, sloping gardens, hiking trails and ponds, there are countless opportunities for popping matter while surrounded by picturesque romance, and Grenadier Pond is incredibly scenic at sunset. Sakura cherry blossom season from late April to early May is one of the most beautiful times of the High Park and creates a magical performance. But make sure you plan – it gets busy!


#4. Bluffer Park

Toronto’s eastern end of the Contractor Lake stretches for about 4.5 miles (14 kilometres). So why not extend your proposal with a geological landmark that spans more than 12,000 years? Save your way to the sandy beaches of Bluffer’s Park or measure the bluffs as well as the romantic backdrop – the sparkling waves of the Great Lake.


#5. Allan Gardens

Celine Kim Photography Allan Gardens Auberge du Pommier ro… | Flickr

Located in the heart of downtown Jarvis and Carlton, Allan Gardens Hotel offers a quiet retreat with an array of plants and flowers. However, the garden is located under a glass dome, a conservatory and a playground totalling more than 16,000 square feet (1486 m²). Allan Gardens is over 100 years old, making it the oldest park in Toronto.


#6. CN tower

The CN tower may seem too touristy for a marriage proposal, but we propose something a little different. CN Tower is not only the ultimate landmark for the city, but now it also offers couples an EdgeWalk that covers the roof with an adrenaline-filled proposal. Less exposed to risk, altitude and high winds? Choose from Restaurant 360, which still has terrific views of the city and coastline.


#7. University of Toronto, St. George Campus

Outside the libraries and lecture halls of UToronto, St. George’s Dormitory has many historic buildings that include carved arches and ivy-woven stone walls. The city center is located in the heart of the city center, the shameful town sounds more like a park in a historical romance novel, and the couple creates friendly photos all year round.


#8. Toronto Islands

Just a short ferry ride from downtown Toronto, offering panoramic views of the city skyline from the shores of the Toronto Islands, you can have an unforgettable moment, as well as a full day of cycling, walking and sunbathing on the beach. Hebrew St. Andrews, built-in 1884, is a small sheathed chapel with beautiful small stained glass windows that complement the advice of the reservoir.


#9. Nathan Phillips Square

For a winter wonderland of romance, plan to offer Nathan Phillip’s Square. The square is illuminated with Christmas lights during the holiday season, as families and couples roll by the public square. This popular Toronto landmark always has many spectators for those who want to declare their love for the world.


#10. Harbourfront Toronto Music Garden

Real Proposals: five couples who choreographed the perfect  will-you-marry-me moment

Toronto Harbourfront offers beautiful views of Lake Ontario, the marina and Toronto Island. The Toronto Music Garden, located outside the ice cream parlours and for weekends, picnics or sunbathing, is a quiet and slightly secluded area for an urban wedding proposal. Basa inspires the spiral of the park set no. 1 G Major, developed in collaboration with cellist YoYo Ma landscape designer Julie Moir Messervy and urban landscape architects. The summer offer can be joined by live classical music performed on Thursdays at 19.00 and Sundays at 16.00 from June to September.


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