Places to Visit in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a popular destination for a holiday in the sun. Situated close to Morocco, the Canary Islands offer a lovely subtropical climate. There, you can relax on long fine sandy beaches and cool

Gran Canaria is a popular destination for a holiday in the sun. Situated close to Morocco, the Canary Islands offer a lovely subtropical climate. There, you can relax on long fine sandy beaches and cool off in the Atlantic Ocean, but there’s plenty more to see and experience! Here are some places that you shouldn’t miss while being there!

1) Maspalomas

Maspalomas is probably Gran Canaria’s most famous town. Not only will you find plenty of great hotels, but also restaurants and shops. However, the most exceptional is Playa del Inglés, the beach of Las Maspalomas. It’s an outcrop of dunes with white or even yellow sand.

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2) Maspalomas Dunes

The dunes of Maspalomas are officially known as Las Dunas de Maspalomas. It is a protected nature reserve covering an area of approximately five square kilometers. The origins of the dunes are not fully known. Records show that in 1755, it was a tsunami that brought sand on land. It is clear that the constant northeasterly winds also supplied sand. Even now, the sand consists of pulverized shells as well as limestone. Besides, when you look carefully, you can also see black volcanic sand amongst it.

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3) Mogana Harbour

In the western part of Gran Canaria lies a water area where you can imagine yourself in South America. The coast is very rugged and has several beautiful viewpoints. Puerto de Mogan is worth a visit in the South-West. There are colorful white houses adorned with lots of flowers and a fishing port where they serve fish straight from the sea. Many tourists also come here to dive.

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4) The Guajadeka Gorge

Gran Canaria has some beautiful gorges in the east where you can explore and experience the tropical feel for free. From Aguimes you can go to the Barranco de Guayadeque valley. The road covers ten kilometers between cliff walls to reach its final destination, a restaurant built into the rock. On the way, you can also stop at some ancient rock dwellings (now inhabited again) and an intriguing museum. In addition, several hiking routes are accessible in this ravine.

5) Pico de las Nieves

Pico de las Nieves is the highest point in Gran Canaria. The summit is at an altitude of 1949 meters. However, it is not a real mountain, so hiking to the top of Pico de las Nieves is not frequent.

There are several viewpoints (Miradors) from which you can enjoy the sight. All of them are worth visiting more than once, but The Mirador del Pico de Los Pozos de Las Nieves is one of the most famous. You can park your car there, climb the stairs to the viewpoint and enjoy a magnificent 360-degree view of Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria - Pico de las nieves

6) Teror

Teror is one of the most beautiful and authentic towns in Gran Canaria. You will also find an impressive number of wooden balconies, which used to be very common in the Canary Islands. Life there is lived on the streets, so sit down in the square, enjoy a cup of coffee and watch life go by.

As you stroll around Teror, you’ll see many ornate houses and churches. It was once a wealthy city, and you can still see it. The church there is also well worth a visit, but remember that it can be crowded with tourists. So, it would be best to get there in the early morning when the city is waking up.

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7) Roque Nublo

Roque Nublo is a symbol of Gran Canaria. This upright rock sits at the end of a hill, making it very visible in the rugged landscape. You can reach it in relatively half an hour, even though part of it is uphill. The scenery is breathtaking, particularly on the left.

Sendero al Roque Nublo, imprescindible en tu visita a Gran Canaria

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