Zanzibar Island: A Gem In The Indian Ocean

Zanzibar island is an absolute gem in the Indian Ocean. It is the perfect place to enjoy after an adventurous tour. It has stunning sandy beaches, palm trees, azure waters, coral reefs, and rich culture.

Zanzibar island is an absolute gem in the Indian Ocean. It is the perfect place to enjoy after an adventurous tour. It has stunning sandy beaches, palm trees, azure waters, coral reefs, and rich culture. The island is located on the east coast of Tanzania and is also known for its spices and red colobus monkeys. Don’t miss out on these Zanzibar attractions if you’re planning to visit the island!

Relax on the White Sands of Nungwi

In the northern part of Zanzibar Island is the fishing village of Nungwi. Despite being a tourist destination, the village has retained its old-world charm. The resorts are built in the local style, the people are friendly, and the restaurants serve freshly caught fish and spicy curries. During the day, you can snorkel with zebrafish on a boat trip to Mnemba Reef, walk to the nearby lighthouse, or look for beautiful African Kitenge textiles and handmade wooden jewelry. Enjoy a meal on the beach at Langi Langi, Ocean’s Wave, or Mamma Mia in the evening. The starry sky is beautiful, the Kilimanjaro beer is cold, and the temperature is mild- what could you ask for more?

Discover the Underwater World

Next to the snow-white beaches, there is a clear blue sea. But in Zanzibar, there is a whole other world below the surface. There are many beautiful tropical fish and colorful corals. If you are familiar with the water, you can go snorkeling or scuba diving. Zanzibar is known as one of the best diving spots in the world. The water is beautiful, warm, and crystal clear; you will be amazed.

Nature Walk

Another face of Zanzibar is nature and its flora and fauna. The best place to see rare animals is at Jozani National Park in the center of the island. Here, you can see the Red Colobus, a species of monkey found only in Zanzibar. You will be amazed at how far you can walk in the forest of this lush nature reserve. There are also many plantations in Zanzibar that you can visit. Typical products such as cloves, vanilla, turmeric, and ginger are made on this island, which is known as the “Spice Island”. Be sure to bring a small stash of your own souvenirs.

Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park Viewing Points | GetYourGuide
Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park Viewing Points

Visit Stone Town

Are you a little tired of the bright sunshine and looking for a more active way to spend your time? Then you should definitely visit Stone Town. Stone Town is the old center of the capital city, Zanzibar City. The old town is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Even if you don’t have a destination in mind, you can walk around on your own for hours. Walk around, see all the stores, and get to know the locals. If you are looking for souvenirs, this is a great place to start.

See a Giant Turtle at Prison Island

Prison Island is a small island located about 7 kilometers from the coast of Stone Town, about 25 minutes by boat. And if you thought it was an island of prisoners, it is not. There has never been a prison. The main attraction of this island is the giant turtles that live here. Being able to see these large, friendly animals up close is an extraordinary phenomenon. Some of them are over 150 years old and some are over 150 years old! If you are lucky, you may even see dolphins on the boat along the way.

Prison Island
Prison Island

Sunset from a Dhow Boat

One of the attractions of Zanzibar is a sunset tour on a dhow, a traditional Arab boat. Arabs have ruled the spice island of Zanzibar for centuries. They established settlements here in the 10th century, and their influence is still felt in Zanzibar’s cuisine, architecture, and beliefs. Over 95% of Zanzibaris identify themselves as Muslims. When visiting this beautiful island, please keep in mind the values and norms of the inhabitants. Cover your shoulders and knees when entering villages, and do not walk the streets with alcohol. By taking care of each other, the world will be a more beautiful place.

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