Top 10 Best Wines Of The Loire

The Pays de la Loire is one of the French regions located in the western part, bordering the Bay of Biscay. The Loire Valley is included, and its reputation in vineyards precedes it. It owes

The Pays de la Loire is one of the French regions located in the western part, bordering the Bay of Biscay. The Loire Valley is included, and its reputation in vineyards precedes it. It owes its name to the river “Loire,” which crosses it.

Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermentation of grapes. Everyone very much appreciates it. It is both a sign of prestige and luxury. Its tasting applies to all circumstances, from the most common to the most sophisticated. Currently, the Loire Valley has more than 7,000 vineyards and is the leading producer of white wine in France. Each vineyard has its own techniques.

1. Saumur-Champigny Les Mémoires 2012


It holds first place in the most favored Loire wines. It comes directly from the Domaine des Roches Neuves. It is a vintage red wine from century-old vines on flint and limestone scree. Its taste is characterized by a mineral nose combined with a hint of floral brightness. In addition to this, it has a tannic aroma with an unequaled salinity. Because of its quality, it is suitable for all events.

2. Jasnières Calligramme 2011

This wine comes from the domain of Bellivière. A must-have white wine from a 70-year-old vineyard. Its great generosity of jasnières characterizes it. And it is a magnificent wine to keep.

3. Saumur-Champigny Clos de l’Échelier 2012


This red wine also has its origin in the Roches Neuves estate. Its particularity lies in the fact that it is a Cabernet Franc, characterized by its floral aromas and its quality of tannins. It comes from a vineyard of six hectares.

4. Vouvray Le Clos 2008

The vineyard of the Vincent Carême estate produces this incredible wine. It is a semi-dry white wine. Its taste embodies intense flesh, tension, and austerity. The harmony of the truffled Chenin gives it one of the most timeless qualities.

5. Menetou-Salon Coeur de Cris 2012


This red wine comes from the Pellé estate, a stony place in the Cris parcel in Morogues. It is a vintage wine made from whole bunches of grapes and matured in 400-liter rooms. Its specificity lies in its finesse combining intense flavor and a taste of fresh juice channeled in length.

6. Sancerre Clos des Remparts 2012

A white wine from the Vacheron estate. It comes from a vineyard of thirteen (13) are on a hillside nestled in the Commune of Sancerre. Its peculiarities are mainly composed of a mixture of solar side and a unique exotic air. It distinguishes itself perfectly from other white wines. Its tasting ends with a chiseled and aniseed flavor.

7. Anjou Victoire 2012


The Anjou Victoire is a white wine harvested in the heart of the Clos des Treilles aged in barrels. It is distinguished by its deep flavor combined with a velvety texture, finished with a stony taste. It originates from the Nicolas Réau estate, in a 5.5-hectare plot of vines in Thouars.

8. Quart de Chaume 2011

This is an excellent white wine that is very smooth. It comes from the Python-Paillé estate located on a thirteen (13) hectare vineyard. The chain is harvested at high maturity. It is a full and golden wine at the same time. Its gustatory qualities lie in its intensity of flavors, its delicacy, and its depth. The melting of woody touches feels its final tasting.

9. Savennières Les Fougerais 2012


This is a wine from the estate Thibaud Boudignon on a plot of 2.4 hectares. Its tasting requires a precise nose and careful breeding. Its quality is highlighted through a refined, salient, and chiseled texture with a final touch of bitterness. It is a white wine managed to the millimeter.

10. Coteaux de Saumur Liquoreux de la Cerisaie 2011

This is a white wine with a mellow aspect. It comes from the Mélaric estate on a plot of five hectares of vines. Producer of white and red wines. Its characteristics are felt through an invigorating acidity through its magnificent liqueur du Clos. On top of that, there is a chalky precision associated with flavors of zest, salt, and white spices.

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